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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Pihu wants to meet Ishita but Raman denies

Pihu is bothered about everyone and their grief-stricken state. She wants to meet Ishita, but could not.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 May 2018: Raman is a bad shape, his tilt toward alcohol and anger towards Ishita is creating a havoc at home. He locks Pihu in a room. 

Romi and Mihika Worried about Raman’s behavior

Romi and Mihika bring Raman back in an inebriated state, Pihu sees him and gets worried. Ruhi puts Pihu to bed, while the latter question about the hatred spread for Ishita.

Ruhi tries to explain to Pihu that everyone is in grief as Adi will never return. She further tells her that she is with Ishita as well, as she trusts in their mother. Pihu tells Ruhi that she misses both Adi and Ishita.

Romi discusses with Mihika that he is fed up with Raman and his drinking habit. It has been over eight months but all of them are stuck there itself. Raman, Simmi, and Parmeet keep creating troubles and Romi is now getting frustrated with handling everything every time.

Mihika calms him down by suggesting that Raman might correct his ways as Pihu has returned, he might finally control or stop his drinking.

Ishita gets a video call from Ruhi

Ishita receives a letter from the secretary that she has to vacate the house. She calls the broker and request for another place nearby as she has her reasons to stick to this area itself.

She later receives a call from Pihu, but Raman comes while they are talking and shouts at Pihu. He warns Romi about not to allow even the shadow of Ishita to fall on Pihu. Pihu is disheartened on listening to this and runs from there.

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Raman Locks Pihu

Ishita meets Pihu and they hug each other. Raman spots them and pushes Ishita away and she falls down the stairs. Pihu shouts Ishimaa and wakes up.

After her dream, Ruhi tries to convince Raman to let her meet Ishita, but he does not allow. Ruhi tries to interfere but he doesn’t listen to her at all. He locks Pihu in the room and warns her not to take Ishita’s name again.

Ruhi again tries to reason with Raman, that this would affect Pihu both mentally and emotionally. Raman shouts at her as well and warns her not to open Pihu’s door or make her meet Ishita.

Pihu asks Ruhi to open the door but she doesn’t. Parmeet hatches a plan to free Pihu as that will create tons of drama in the house.

Parmeet frees Pihu and gives Ishita’s address. She hides and leaves from the house.