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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Raman gets drunk and creates a scene

Shagun has still not recovered from Adi' death and disregards Pihu as she considers her to be Ishita's daughter.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23 May 2018: Shagun holds disregards towards Pihu and decided not to meet her. Raman and Ishita remember Adi and cry. The former gets drunk and creates a scene below Ishita’s residence. 

Shagun refuses to meet Pihu

Aaliya visits Shagun and the maid stops her saying that the Shagun doesn’t want to meet anyone. Aaliya sends the maid to fetch black coffee and enters the room.

She suggests Shagun, to get up and get dressed as Pihu is coming back home today. Shagun tells her that she still recalls how Adi was shot and despite standing there she could not help her son. She tells her that she takes sleeping pills to soothe herself.

Aaliya tries to reason with her that even she had moved on. She has joined work and Shagun should start going to the NGO again. Shagun tells her that Mihika is handling the NGO fine and she doesn’t feel like going anywhere.

When Aaliya suggests meeting Pihu, Shagun disagrees saying that Pihu is Ishita’s daughter. Ishita has killed her son, why should she care for her. Pihu is also a murder like her mother, carrying her and giving birth to her was just a favor she has done.

Shagun asks Aalia why is she not angry. Aaliya tells her that Ishita had no other choice but to kill Adi, he was going out of control. It is what Ishita did after Adi’s death that has hurt her more and she will hate her for that always.

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Pihu comes home

Pihu comes to the Bhalla house as Mrs. Bhalla does her ‘aarti’. Everyone tries to cheer up Pihu, but she stays sad. Parmeet enters the hall and loudly says that the culprit has returned home.

Pihu gets scared of him and asks everyone what is he doing there. Raman calms her by saying that it is her home, she need not be scared of anyone. Pihu tells everyone that she doesn’t want to stay without her Ishimaa. Raman warns Pihu not to take her name.

Ruhi interferes and takes Pihu away, Raman shouts at Parmeet and leaves. Pihu question Ruhi about Ishita’s whereabouts. Ruhi tells her that she will soon take her to Ishita.

Ishita returns to her place and sees Pihu’s picture. She talks to the picture saying that Pihu deserved to be home. Then she sees Adi’s picture and recalls Raman’s harsh word.

Ishita and Raman remember Adi

She talks to Adi’s picture asking for forgiveness. She says that it is hard to love without him and she understands everyone’s annoyance towards her as they all loved him dearly.

Raman is at the bar drinking. He sees someone and mistakes him for Adi. He rushes towards him saying Adi… my son, the guy turns out to be someone else. Raman remembers Adi and cries, on the other hand, Ishita is crying at home.

Raman comes to Ishita’s building and throws stones at her window. Ishita comes downstairs in an attempt to stop him. Raman shouts to one and all that Ishita killed his son, she shot him, she will kill everyone.

Raman questions her about not giving Adi a second chance or waiting for them. Ishita reverts back that she is also in the same pain, Adi was her son as well. Raman claims that this is all her drama and tells everyone to throw her out.

Romi and Mihika and takes Raman away. Ishita thanks them answering her call and coming. The lady taunts Ishita for being a bad mum. Another man interrupts telling the lady that she doesn’t know the entire matter. Ishita thanks the man, the man says tells her that he can’t help her anymore. The broker has told him about her husband creating a scene in last building.

Pihu cries for Ishita. Ishita hugs her. Raman comes and gets angry, asking her to leave. He says I asked you to stay away, leave from here. She refuses. He drags her out and pushes her. Ishita falls down the stairs. Pihu shouts Ishimaa….