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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Everyone hates Ishita for Adi’s death

Even after eight months of Adi's death no one has forgiven Ishita and hates her immensely.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 May 2018: Everyone is happy that Pihu is finally coming home but none of them have forgiven Ishita for killing Adi. They believe she has done wrong in shooting him

Raman and Ishita both arrive to pick Pihu from the juvenile home. Raman hugs Pihu and Ishita gets a call from Bala telling her that Raman is there as well. Ishita tells him that she has seen Raman and move towards Pihu.

Pihu hugs Ishita as well. The warden tells Raman that Pihu is a lovely child as their your love and affection will help her forget everything and protect her innocence.

Ishita gives laddoos to Pihu, but Raman throws the laddoos box. He tells Pihu not to them as Ishita might have spiked them with poison. He warns Pihu to stay away from such woman and she will stay with him. Ishita requests him not to do this.

While everyone is praying for Pihu, the Pandit asks mother’s name. Amma tells him that they would do the ritual, Mrs. Bhalla adds that the mother is as good as dead for us.

Pihu learns About Adi

Raman tells Pihu that after what Ishita did to Adi, she does not have a place in his home. On Pihu’s questioning, Raman tells her that her Ishimaa killed her brother while everyone was at her hearing in the court. Pihu gets shocked.

At the temple, Bala asks Amma why didn’t she tell Ishita’s name when pandit asked about Pihu’s mother. Amma tells him that she doesn’t want to remember the women who took away their Adi. Appa supports her by saying that they will not talk about this as they have lost a young son.

Bala tries to reason with them by saying that Adi was at fault. Appa shouts at him that Ishu didn’t have a right to decide Adi’s punishment, she shot him without thinking. They think of Adi and cry. Amma praises Adi and says Ishita finished everything, Mrs. Bhalla consoles her. She says we can never forget Adi and we promised each other that we won’t cry anymore. Mr. Bhalla chips in by saying that they all have to be strong as Pihu would be coming. Mrs. Bhalla tells everyone not to disclose anything about Adi to Pihu about Adi.

Flash Back

Pihu question about Adi and Raman tell her, while Ishita protests. Raman tells her that Ishita shot Adi and he is dead, the whole family is still mourning for him.

A flashback moment shows Raman performing Adi’s final rites. When Ishita steps up, he stops and scolds her. He tells her that she should have been punished for killing him, but she lied to police that she shot in self-defense and escaped.

Adi was trying to kill Roshni and the latter is nothing to them. She ruined everyone’s happiness to save Roshini. Ishita tries to explain that Adi was wrong. Raman tells her that she should have given him time to think. When Ishita says there was no time, he tells her that she could have waited for them and they could have explained him, but she chose to shot his son.

To that Ishita replies that he was her son to. Ranan shuns her down by saying that he was not her son, he was Shagun’s son. She might have gone to jail for Pihu, only because she is her own. Adi was his son and he wishes to kill her. Bala stops Raman.

Raman asks Ishita to see Shagun’s sorrow as she is Adi’s real mother. Ishita requests Shagun to explain Raman that it was important to save Roshni.

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On the contrary, Shagun slaps her and tells her that they lost Adi because of her. She further tells her that she tried to stop her and even called the police. Mani and Raman were on their way then why did she had to shoot him. So what if Roshni died, in her attempt to be ‘Jagat Mata’, she killed her my son. Shagun asks Ishita to leave. She leaves as everyone is hysterical. 

Raman takes Pihu

Raman further hurts Ishita by saying that maybe this is the reason that she is infertile, as the lord would never give someone like her the honor of being a mother. Ishita cries and Pihu tells her that she is with her. She tells her that her Ishimaa could not make a wrong decision. 

Raman asks Pihu to come with him and Ishita tells her to go with him. Before leaving Raman tells her that a  mother can never take child’s life. He takes Pihu with him while Ishita cries.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Precap
Pihu gets scared seeing Parmeet and says I can’t stay without Ishimaa. Raman says don’t take her name. Ishita asks Adi to forgive her.

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