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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19 July 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Romi is leaving the Bhalla house

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update: Raman gains consciousness and everyone apologizes to him for not trusting him. Romi and Mihika are leaving Bhalla house, just before they can leave Ishita gives an emotional speech.

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Raman (Karan Patel) gains consciousness in a state of panic. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) relaxes him saying that he fainted due to low BP. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Raman for not trusting in him and Raman forgives her.

Everyone leaves to allow him to rest, Ishita takes his phone and leaves as well. Raman thinks about Ishita and feels sad, he thinks he needs to apologize to Ishita for his past behavior as despite all that Ishita has supported him. Outside, Mrs. Bhalla also apologizes to Ishita.

Roshni stops Ishita to talk about the baby

Ishita asks everyone to forget all this and make a new start. She hugs Mrs. Bhalla and Pihu takes a selfie with them. Mrs. Bhalla prays that everything should go smoothly before and after the delivery.

Ishita is about to say something when Roshni takes her aside. Roshni asks her not to discuss the baby with the family now, as she believes they will not separate her from the baby. Ishita doesn’t argue the point and leaves from there. Roshni says who knows she will be there to see her baby after birth.

Everyone suspects Simmi

Mihika offers juice to Raman and he refuses. Shagun comes there and apologizes for not trusting Raman. Mrs. Bhalla accuses her of sending those ladies to Raman’s office. Shagun explains that she had no clue about it.

Raman suggests Tania might have bro t them. Ishita says that she doesn’t think Tania could do all this planning, she suspects someone involvement. Mihika asks Raman about his phone and Raman says he doesn’t remember anything.

 Mr. Bhalla suggests that maybe someone from the family gave Tania the phone. Mihika and Ishita simultaneously say Simmi. Manjiri overhears this conversation and informs Simmi.

Simmi plans something drastic

Simmi is angry that Ishita made everyone suspect her. Manjiro adds that Ishita is now everyone’s favorite as she saved Raman. Simmi gives Manjiri some money and asks her to spy more.

Parmeet tries to calm down Simmi as she thinks of a new plan to safeguard herself and to get Raman convicted. Simmi and Parmeet come to meet Tania. Tania questions them and Simmi tells her that the game is not over yet.

Some men come to Bhalla House and introduce themselves as movers. Romi points towards his room and they start shifting stuff.

Everyone tries to stop Romi

Mrs.Bhalla tries to convince Romi to stay and pleads him to not to leave. Ishita asks them to let Romi go, Romi and Mihika go to pack their bags.

Ruhi tells Ishita that it is wrong, Ishita explains to her that they want Romi to stay happy. Everyone gets sad, Romi and Mihika get their bags. Mihika also tries to convince Romi to stop.

Raman says that if Romi is happy leaving as he cannot bear me scolding him, so let him leave. As they are about to leave Ishita asks Romi if have packed everything. Romi says yes.

Ishita presents an emotional argument

 Ishita tells him that according to her he has forgotten something. Romi affirms that he hasn’t. Ishita tells him that he is leaving behind the Devar – Bhabhi bond they had.

She reminds him how Raman helped Romi for his first presentation and that he is leaving that love and care behind. She adds that he is leaving behind the love that Mrs.Bhalla gave him day and night.

Ishita makes him remember such small beautiful memories and tells him that he is forgetting them all. All those memories are in the nooks and corners of the house and as he leaves this house he is leaving all of that too. Romi gets emotional on listening to this.


Raman and Ishita get shocked on learning about Tania’s suicide. Inspector says Tania left a letter and held Raman responsible for her suicide.

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