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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18 July 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Ishita defend Raman from the NGO Women

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update: The ladies of the NGO make a scene at Raman’s office. They are about to do more damage when Ishita comes in and stops them. She smartly argues that Tania might be lying. Raman feels uneasy and everyone gets worried about his health

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The ladies from the NGO creates a scene a Raman’s (Karan Patel) office. Guard asks Shweta not to call the police as Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) said she is getting help.

Raman’s client doubts him and he tries to explain things to them.  The ladies tell him that she will make Raman wear a garland of slippers and paint his face black.

Ishita brings someone

Ishita comes there and asks the ladies to all this Raman as he is at fault. Raman is shocked upon listening to this. Ishita continues that but before punish this man, she brings in a guy whose face is covered with a black cloth.

She tells them that this man misbehaved with her and took a video of her in while she was changing in the trail room. The lady gets all pumped up and promises Ishita her justice, she brings black color to blacken the guys face.

The lady stops as she Ishita removes the fabric from the guys face. Ishita asks her the reason of stopping, the lady tells her that the guy is her husband.

Parmeet Brings press at Raman’s office

Parmeet is on a call with Simmi and informs her that he is sending the reporters in the office. Simmi is ecstatic and switches on the TV at home. The reporter says that they are going to give a breaking news from Raman’s office. Reporter keeps the camera on a table.

Ishita asks the lady to do her work, blacken his face. She asks if the lady wants some proof that her husband made a video. The lady asks Ishita to stop the nonsense as her my husband could do no such thing.

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The lady adds that her husband is a decent man and a famous lawyer. Ishita tells everyone that it doesn’t matter who he is justice should be served equally. At home, everyone is worried after seeing all this.

The lady continues to support her husband and Ishita tells them that she also supports her husband similarly. Ishita tells than that Raman is a respected business and family man, he has two daughters and can never do such a thing.

Ishita continues to support Raman

She adds that the CCTV footage doesn’t prove anything. Raman went to Tania’s house and Tania is framing him. She claims that Tania took his phone and made the video herself. At home, Mrs. Bhalla appreciates Ishita’s trust in Raman. They all decide to go to Raman’s office to support him.

Ishita tells that ladies that she respects them all, but sometimes women like Tania can take advantage of such a situation. She questions them about tarnishing Raman’s reputation without a solid proof and the injustice of the same.

The ladies agree that they do get false complaints a few times as well. Family members come there and praise Ishita. The lady asks how did she get her husband here.

Ishita tells that Prashant is the lawyer they are consulting for Raman’s case and he agreed to help. Tania sticks to her guns and says that Raman did plant the phone, Ishita challenges her that she will prove her wrong.

Raman feels dizzy and everyone rushes to him, Tania is tensed and leaves from there.