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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12 July 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Amma and Ishita sort differences

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update: Raman and Ishita continue to bicker with each other about the smallest of the issue. Amma is yearning to hug Ishita but controls her emotions. Ishita realizes the same and talks to her to sort out their differences.

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Seeing Raman’s  (Karan Patel) stubbornness for his back pain, Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) forcefully takes him to their room. They argue as per usual and Ishita finally manages to apply ointment on his back and massages.

Raman instantly feels better and dozes off, Ishita covers him with the blanket. Ishita takes his phone and checks it for the screensaver. She feels sad that it is no more a photo of her and remembers that Raman used to keep her photo as a screensaver.

Ishita tries o unlock the phone but the password is also changed, the phone rings and Raman wakes up. He questions about the phone and Ishita makes an excuse.

Simmi acts oddly

Amma is ecstatic that Simmi has believed the astrologer and will make a fool out of herself now. Simmi comes home and asks the maid to get her winter clothes. The maid asks her about it and she scolds her for arguing. Mrs. Bhall observes this in awe.

Amma is missing Ishu and wants to hug her child, but controls. She comes to the Bhalla house ask for the Gujiya stencil to make them for Roshni, eying for Ishita all the while.

Ishita observes this and thinks of giving Amma some more time. Simmi scolds her maid for putting on the AC. She asks her to switch it off as she wants to ward off all negativity. Simmi feels hot in her winter wear and with no AC, but stay put as she believes that doing so will solve her trouble.

Ishita and Raman bicker

Ishita and Roshni have an appointment with gynecologist and Raman insist on going with them. Initially, Ishita resists but then after some bickering agrees.

Amma comes there again this time bringing Ishita’s favorite Jeera Rasam. She leaves saying that it is for Roshni. Ishita eats it as Amma looks on, Balla comes there and ask her to let go of her anger and accept Ishita.

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Amma cries and leaves from there, Ishita is missing her mother as well. Raman and Ishita fight some more about Roshni’s Yoga teacher. Simmi comes there dressed awkwardly, everyone looks at her and laughs.

Amma is laughing hard when Ishita asks her if she is behind all this. She tells her that Vijay, the astrologer is a school friend of hers and have helped in making Simmi a fool. They both laugh at Simmi’s plight.

Ishita asks to talk to her as she misses her a lot. After some convincing Amma finally gives in and gives Ishita a hug. Both of them cry with delight.


Tania blames Raman for planting his phone in her washroom to record her. Raman denies but Tania has his phone with her as a proof.