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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Bhalla intends to raise Adi’s Baby

Adi's Baby is the only heir of the family and they want the baby, but not the mother Roshni.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11 June 2018: Mrs. Bhalla has become adamant to get Adi’s baby sans Roshni and Ishita. Aaliya is extremely hurt by this decision. Parmeeet on the other hand instigate Mani and Shagun about the same.

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Aaliya is upset as she recalls of Mrs. Bhalla’s words. Parmeet hatches a plan to provoke her against everyone. Mihika sees him and stop him from doing so, sending him off.

Mrs. Bhalla tells everyone that she want to take care of the child. She knows Aaliya is upset but they will have to make her understand that child is the family’s only heir. Raman (Karan Patel) relaxes her and tells Mrs. Bhalla let him see what can be done for the same.

Raman Talks to Aaliya

Mrx. Bhalla suggests Raman to talk to Aaliy, he goes. Ruhi thinks Bhalla’s will raise the baby, Ishimaa will be really happy.

Raman comes to Aaliya and she says nobody cares for her, Ishita also thought for Roshni. Aaliya adds that she stayed in this house considering this as her, but no understands that Adi’s baby will remind her of his betrayal.

Raman calms her down and hugs her. He tells her that he is gets upset seeing her this way; But think about mum, she lost Adi, she has just one way to get the heir, Roshni is the last hope as Romi and Mihika can’t give a heir to this family.

 Aaliya tells him that the family wants her to make a sacrifice and understand, but its not easy for her,she can’t do this, sorry. He says I m sorry.

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Ishita gets a call from Ruhi

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is jotting down the list of things she will require for the baby. Ruhi calls her, Ishita excitedly tells her about the Jackfruit curry. Ruhi smiles to herself and tells her that Mrs. Bhalla sent it especially for Roshni.

She is about to tell her about Bhalla’s decission but Raman takes the phone and ends the call. He asks Ruhi not to disclose their house matter and Ishita will only create a scene. Ruhi protests this is good news and Ishita will be glad.

He says he will handle her his way, think this is a surprise for her. Ishita calls her back and Ruhi do not tell her, Raman promts her to ask about Roshni. Ruhi asks and Ishita thinks why is Raman bothered about Roshni after eight months. She tells them that she is well and Raman think she has quite a sharp hearing.

Parmeet calls Mani and Shagun

Mani tells Shagun that its Parmeet’s call. She says don’t answer the call. He asks her to talk, she answers and puts the phone on speaker. Parmeet tells them that Aaliya is really upset as the Bhalla’s are planning to get Roshni home, as she has Bhallas’ heir in her womb. They get shocked. He ends call.

Ishita imagine’s the baby

Ishita is talking excitedly on the phone planning investments for the baby. She sees a crying baby on the bed and goes to sooth the baby. Ishita remembers Adi as she holds the baby, the dream ends. She thinks that she has gone mad in wait for the baby. She talks to Adi’s photo, telling him she will take good care of his baby.

Shagun is furious on listening the news. She calls Ishita and asks her to stay away from Aaliya’s life as she has already ruined it enough. Ishita does not understand the anger and is confused on why Shagun called her in the first place. She calls Shagun and finds number busy. Shagun says Aaliya’s phone isn’t connecting and they should go to the Bhalla house. Mani and Shagun leave.

Mani and Shagun confront the Bhalla’s

Appa sees the angry duo outside and worries, they hear Shagun shouting and goes to the Bhalla’s house. Shagun asks Raman to answer, how can he get Roshni home, will he get Ishita home too, why is an illegitimate child getting so much importance suddenly.

Parmeet says he have told them about injustice happening with Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Shagun saying that child is their blood and we can’t call him illegitimate. Shagun asks did anyone think for Aaliya, if they do not decide otherwise, Aaliya will leave with them.


Ishita says Roshni’s baby shower can happen in this house. Mrs. Bhalla says we have come to fulfill our duties. Ishita says I can’t separate Roshni from her child.