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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Aaliya agrees to remarry

The wind is settling down a little and from the show's standard a storm is surely on the storm,

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 June 2018: Shagun gets a new mission of marrying Aaliya to a suitable boy. Everyone chips in their bit to convince Aaliya for the same. 

Episodic update of Star Plus‘ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – 

A man comes to Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) clinic for treatment, but Ishita denies saying she only treat kids. The man convinces her somehow and she leaves to get some stuff he calls Raman (Karan Patel) and thanks him for suggesting Ishita.

Raman assures the man that she is a very good dentist. Ruhi brings Raman some papers and overhears the conversation. She tells him that’s why she took Pihu to the doctor as she is good. Ruhi then teases him a little and asks about the office. Raman tells her that he is on an off as he wants to spend time with Pihu, this pleases Ruhi.

Shagun asks Aaliya to consider Marriage again

Aaliya visits Shagun and sees her in her own self and compliments her. Shagun tells her that she is motivated by her to get her life back. Shagun coyly tells her that Mrs. Sharma’s son is in India to find a suitable match.

Aaliya gets angry on listening to this and tells Shagun that she has had made a mistake of marrying Adi, she does not want to repeat it. Mani observes all of this.

Pihu and Raman plays Scrabble

Pihu us trying to take out Scrabble and Raman help her. They start playing. He asks her about her pain and Pihu tells him that it’s way better all thanks to Ishita’s magic touch. Raman changes the topic and asks her what will the winner get, Pihu readily replies anything they want.

Romi and Mihika are returning after seeing their new house. While Romi is happy about it, Mihika is still skeptical about the prospect. She asks him to consider about the family once more, Romi assures her that they will way happier living alone.

Raman loses and Pihu demands an Ice Cream. When he tells Mrs. Bhalla about it, she tells him that Shagun wants to talk about something urgent and she shall accompany the duo.

Everyone suggests Aaliya to move on

At the restaurant, Shagun suggests everyone to convince Aaliya to remarry. Aaliya adamantly refuses while Mrs. Bhalla tells her that Shagun is thinking about her future, Raman leaves it up to Aaliya itself.

Ishita suddenly arrives there and Raman immediately leaves. Ishita supports Aaliya, saying that she know her well and Aaliya is not ready to marry as of yet. Aaliya in her attempt to rebel against Ishita’s every word agrees to consider re-marriage. She bluntly asks Ishita to leaves.

Ishita leaves as she is moved to tears when Mani stops her and thanks her for helping him out on convincing Aaliya. She tells him she hopes she has done the right thing, Aaliy hates her so much that she will happily disagree with her. Ishita than keeps her side of the story that everyone hates Roshni, but she is pregnant and someone has to take care of her

Ruhi also tries to convince Aaliya further about the marriage issue. She is doing so on the request of Ishita, Ruhi  calls her and tells her about the same. Ishita teases her by saying that it’s time for her also to consider marriage. Ruhi tells her that she has no time for marriage she has to reunite the family first. She promises herself that it was she who brought Raman and Ishita together in the first place and she will only bring them back together again.

Raman’s alter ego scolds him and asks him to realize Ishita has killed Adi, how can she punish him death if he was in love with Roshni. Raman cries.

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