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Taylor Swift shared her upcoming music video ‘End Game’ with K-Pop Group Red Velvet.


Taylor Swift shared her upcoming music video ‘End Game’ and K-pop fans don’t like her costume how she is wearing the same dress as Red Velvet’s Irene. Taylor Swift (27 years old) declares on January 10 her new music video “End Game” launch on January 12. She also shared a picture of this video from the visual. She told her fans by her official app ‘The Swift Life’ that:

“I wanted to let you know first, the End Game video comes out tomorrow!”

“Gonna be posting a few pictures on here before the trailer premieres on GMA tomorrow,”

 She added, using the hashtag #EndGameMusicVideo.

Is Taylor the sixth member of K-pop group?

We want to know that if she is the sixth secret member of K-pop group Red Velvet. As you all seen that for her exclusive photo shoot she wore one of the famous Ashish rainbow-striped sequin dresses. And fans noticed that in “Peek-A-Boo” video members of Red Velvet wore the same dresses. A fan commented that:

So cute! “That dress [is] serving Peekaboo,”

Who copied Who

It is very hard to say about that who copied who, because both Red Velvet’s video and Taylor’s photo shoot dropped in November 2017. But great minds think alike, right? Now that Taylor’s video is right around the corner, the twinning will be complete.

In Red Velvet’s Wendy has covered “Speak Now” in the past. It is only matter of time before their path meets.

The Grammy nominations for the 2018 awards have been revealed, and Swifties around the world are rejoicing that Taylor Swift has been nominated for two statues. The 27-year-old megastar and 10 time Grammy winner received a nod for best song written for visual media for her Fifty Shades collaboration with ZAYN, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”, and for the best country song as a writer of Little Big Town’s heartbreaking hit “Better Man”.