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Leave Everything! Just take a look at WOW pictures of Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul marriage

Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul marriage
Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul marriage (image source: India.com)

The most popular face of the entertainment world Sumeet Vyas finally tied his knot with Mere Angne Mein fame actress Ekta Kaul. The stunning pictures of their wedding are going viral all over the social media. Looking heavenly in their Kashmiri style wedding, the couple ultimately entered into their married life.

Coming to their wedding attire: Ekta is looking wow as a bride in her maroon-colored lehenga which she teamed up with double dupatta. Sumeet Vyas dapped in a cream-colored sherwani. Curious to view them? Just scroll down!

This is how their wedding card looks like as it began with ‘Holy sh*t! Sh*t just got real!’ Speaking about the card in an earlier interview, Sumeet had said, “It is a reflection of me. Actually, I did not want it to be a regular, boring card with a lot of details but a quirky, yet simple one. Ekta ideated, the designers sent a few designs and we jointly decided to go ahead with this. Being the writer, I came up with the content.” In all over the wedding pictures, you’ll notice the one common thing duo shared with each other and ie the long Smile.

Here’s another pic of the bride as she is indulged in Haldi ceremony. We could say Ekta is one of the happiest brides in the television world so far.

Needed not to assume anything with ourselves, let’s know from Sumeet Vyas, how his love story took him to Shaadi’s mandap  “When we started dating, I was at sea. How do I impress her? I told her that I’m kind of famous as this character, Mikesh. She wasn’t bothered! When people asked me for photographs- she’d wonder why! The next time we met, she’d watched my entire show! I asked her how–it was so long, she said and added, she watched it while getting ready! I was confused–Why wasn’t it affecting her! But that’s how I knew she was with me for the right reasons”. says Sumeet.

He had further added, “It’s not one big moment when you know you’ve met ‘the one’. It’s how they make you feel every day; if they make you a better person & she does. But one such moment was last year during Holi! I rode my bike to a party & had a little bit of bhang. I was in no state to ride. She saw that & took the keys –I thought she was joking! I mean it was a Bullet! But she just got on & off we went me in the backseat & my lady driving the bullet. I thought then, Man! I’m going to marry her! She’s the one!”

Narrating the incidents further, he retorted, “But, all of a sudden she left for Jammu because she realized acting wasn’t for her! I knew then that I wanted to do everything to make this work. I asked her to move back to our relationship–to give us a chance. Thankfully, she agreed, but I didn’t want to risk it, so this year on my birthday, I popped the question! She was so happy, she had a childlike smile & I swear even though I gave her a ring, it’s me who found the diamond!”

Thus, the Mr. and Mrs. Vyas finally turned into happily married couple giving relationship goals to all the couples out there and looking forward to marrying soon.

The pictures will surely jaw your drop as it could make anyone to marry if he or she is already a married one. Isn’t it?

The Bollywood Ticket is wishing a very happy married life to this beautiful couple.

Now, the eyes are all set to catch glimpse of their honeymoon pics if the couple is planning to get some remarkable time with each other.

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