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Rising Star Season 2, 11th March 2018 Live update: Baaghi 2 casts Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani as special guests today.

Rising Star Season 2 Live

Rising Star Season 2, 11th March 2018 Live Update: The Rising Star 2018 season 2 is a unique show where you are the judges and your votes decide who will go further and whose journey will end. The show has already got their Top 12 of which Aman Biswal had to leave the show yesterday. Today your votes will be deciding Top 10. The unique show has a concept of live voting wherein you can vote for your favourite contestant or favourite performance during their live performance.

Rising Star Season 2, Today’s Special guests are Baaghi 2 Cast Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani. How to Vote on Voot.

You can vote live for your favourite contestant or favourite performance live on Voot. For voting you need to download and log in to Voot App. Voot App is available for both AppStore as well as Playstore. While the live performance is going on if you like the performance then swipe right to vote in the favour of the contestant.

Live update on the 11th March 2018 Episode.

So the special guests today are the cast of Baaghi 2. The super sturdy and crush of all girls Tiger Shroff and his co star Disha Patani.

The show is about to start. Keep logged in for live updates to the show with mind boggling performances of the contestants today. The show begins at 9 pm on ColorsTV. The live show can be watched online on Voot. The rising star 2 contestants will be singing some romantic songs today.

Rohanpreet performs on Channa Mereya and gets 92% votes.

Role model of every housewife sings O mere Sona Re but fails to raise the wall by getting only 84% vote and goes to the red seat.

Akhtar brothers power pack performance  on ‘Mera Yaar’ Gets a tutari moment with 90% votes.

The favourite of all Zaid Ali raises the bar with 94% votes and performs again on public request. He gave the performance on ‘Main Nikla Gaddi Leke’

With only Jaya sitting in the Red Zone will she be able to get back in the show?

Harmony Chorus gives a good performance but fail to raise the bar by just 2% votes. They will have to join Jaya on the Red Sofa.

Dr. Sudeep last contestant of tonight performs on ‘I love you’ dedicating it to her girlfriend. He fails to raise the wall with just 54% votes and will be leaving the show tonight.

It’s an end of Rising Star journey for Dr. Sudeep as he gets eliminated today.