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This is how Robert Vadra reacted when Priyanka Gandhi fell in love with him at the age of 13!

Priyanka Gandhi-Robert Vadra love story
Priyanka Gandhi-Robert Vadra love story (image source: YouTube)

Priyanka Gandhi, the name which recently keeps buzzing in media as She has debuted in Congress as a general secretary taking the charge of eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. Besides, talking about her personal life, especially her love life with husband Robert Vadra is also quite soothing. As the ace leader had a love marriage with her long term friend Robert Vadra.

Priyanka Gandhi sometimes hit the headlines due to her personal life as her husband Robert Vadra is a controversy favorite child. Talking about her journey as a child of Rajiv Gandhi to being a wife of Robert Vadra, here’re some beautiful facts of her marriage.

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Since few years back, Priyanka Gandhi in an interview with a magazine speak about her first meeting with Robert Vadra. When Priyanka was just 13 years old, she fell in love with Robert Vadra. She extended the hand of friendship to him as she had a love at first sight for him.

However, Robert Vadra didn’t give much attention to her as he used to stay away from the Girls. But Priyanka Gandhi kept trying to make a conversation with him, thus she tried to find out the situations through which she can meet him.

Priyanka Gandhi
Priyanka Gandhi-Robert Vadra love story (image source: newstrend.news)

The meeting between the couple was keep going on until Rober Vadra also started loving her. Meanwhile, Priyanka Gandhi said that She loves the nature of Robert Vadra as he is a very innocent man.

There so many ups and down have occurred in their romantic life as they distanced with each other when Priyanka’s grandmother Indira Gandhi got assassinated. Due to heavy security reasons, Robert and Priyanka were not able to meet each other. Priyanka also started studying at home.

Priyanka Gandhi
Priyanka Gandhi-Robert Vadra love story (image source: newstrend.news)

One day with the help of a common friend Rober Vadra succeeded to meet Priyanka Gandhi and he proposed her for marriage. When the duo got married they are quite young. Priyanka was just 20 years old and Robert was 22 years old.

Robert Vadra said that “I gave up my life for Priyanka, fighting every day to not be a celebrity . The way things worked out, it did trouble me. But I wish the family had been as strong as me.”

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