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Naagin Season3 3 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Vish is here to take revenge

The Nagin's revenge has initiated, 1 off the 10 people is down already

Naagin 3 Full Episode Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update: 6 months later, Yuvi and Pratham are getting engaged to Bella and Suhani respectively. All is good when Vish enters the scenario and wants to kill the 10 people who killed Nagraj.

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Six months after the incidence, Press surrounds the decorated Haveli for marriage in the Sehgal family. Shekhar calls Andy (Chetan Hansraj) asking him if he could not find any other hotel for his sons’ marriages, he knows what happened in the haveli. Andy doesn’t heed his worries.

At haveli, Reporters say that the site is under work still, Sehgal family has arrived. Yuvi’s gang comes out of cars one by one. Media asks Yuvi how he is feeling, as his brother is getting married along with him. Yuvi puts his hand on Pratham and says Pratham is his brother and he is happy. He gets in the house while Pratham doesn’t reply to the questions and goes in. Others follow.

Andy and his wife Sumitra (Rakshanda Khan) come to the hotel, quickly followed by Andy’s second wife Polomi. Seeing her the Media asks him about why didn’t he make his marriage with her official? Andy says so should I do it now, Polomi was my assistant, her financial health wasn’t good, so I supported her, the result is Adi and Pratham. Media questions Sumitra about it but she walks into mansion without answering.

Inside, Andy is talking to Shekhar and says that he married Sumitra for money and kept the one whom he wanted as well, keeping both of them happy. Sumitra suggests Andy to behave neutrally in front of guests when Polomi put the moves on him. Polomi says even her son is getting married but Andy never accepted their sons.

Andy explains that he has given them his name, but can’t give money as the whole property isn’t built on his power, but by Sumitra’s father’s power. So the whole property belongs to Sumitra’s sons Yuvi and Mahir, I am sorry. He leaves.

Bella (Surbhi Jyoti) is introduced as she is getting ready. It is disclosed that she is marrying Yuvi to wavier off her fathers’ loan. She wears her pink lehenga dress as Yuvi comes and holds her dupatta. He hugs her when Suhani comes calling her. She sees them and says sorry. Yuvi asks her what is she doing here? She tells him that they are sharing bride room as someone named Vish Khanna booked it for her.

Yuvi says that he wanted Bela to have a private room for dress up. He says I will sort this out and leaves. Suhani asks Bela if she really wants to do this marriage. Bela jokes that she will become a rich bahu, and taunts Suhani about her prince charming.

Yuvi’s gang comes to hotel reception. Yuvi warns receptionist that he wants a big room for his would-be wife, who is Vish Khanna, just do it fast. She says Vish Khanna is a big investor, she booked it. She gets a call and asks what, Vish Khanna is here? Yuvi and his gang decide to go to her.

Vish makes an Entry

Vish (Anita Hassanandani) enters the hotel surrounding by her bodyguards. Yuvi and the rest of the boys are mesmerized by her beauty. She throws her jacket at Yuvi intentionally mistaking him for an employee at the hotel. Yuvi stops Vish in her tracks and tries to impress her. She shows him attitude as he invites her to the function in the night.

Bella and Suhani are getting ready for the function when Suhani’s father comes into the room. He doesn’t seem to happy about Suhani and Pratham’s Marriage. Bella reminds him that he promised not to deny to this marriage and a flashback is shown were Bella convince for Pratham and Suhani’s marriage and takes the promise.

Sumitra and Bella mingle with each other

The party is in full swing when Sumitra Sehgal, breaks her sandal and Bella fixes it. Sumitra is impressed by her and tells Bella that she would love her like a daughter and not daughter in law. Bella replies that she would also love her like a mother as well.

Sumitra praises about Mahir (Pearl V Puri) to Bella and tells her that Mahir is always involved in work even at such parties. Mahir is talking to a client on Bluetooth while walking into the party. Sumitra calls him and tells him that she really loved Bella, but she is worried that Yuvi might hurt her. Mahir reassures her that all will be fine and she introduces him to Bella.

Vish and Yuvi Flirts

Yuvi notices Vish and flirts with her, she flirts back. The DJ asks the couples of the night Pratham, Suhani and Yuvi, Bella to come on the dance floor. While everyone comes at the dance floor, Yuvi stays with Vish and asks her for a dance.

Bella feels uncomfortable after watching Vish and Yuvi dance. Mahir comes and asks Bella to dance, he then asks Yuvi to dance with Bella and takes Vish away. Vish leaves for a walk and Yuvi follows her.

Vish coyly takes him to a secluded place. Before Yuvi could come too close to her, she runs away from him. She hides and takes her snake form and comes towards Yuvi. Yuvi is scared and runs away from there. He collides with Mahir and tells him that a big snake was after him. Mahir doesn’t believe him and Vish comes there saying that Yuvi shouldn’t have left her alone in the jungle.

Mahir tells Yuvi to return to the party immediately. He then turns his attention towards Vish and tells her that he can be really bad for people who are bad towards him. Vish smiles at the comment and says even she is something like that and leaves.

At the hotel, Mahir comes back as Pandit Ji asks them to start the engagement. Aayush has blackmailed Vish into a room, she smirks. Pratham and Suhani get engaged. Before Aayush could make a move on her Vish turns into a big snake and bites him. He dies and she throws him down into the pool.

 Yuvi takes the ring to get engaged to Bela. The Ring falls down and rolls till the edge of engagement stage. Bela bends down to pick it and sees Aayush’s body floating on pool. She screams and Polomi says this is bad omen. Vish emerges from a water body as snake and then turns into half human hals snake form. She says all will die.

Precap: Yuvi dances with Vish again. Mahir and Vish have a heated conversation. Later, Vish scares Arvind and some Arabs in haveli. Bela sees Vish’s Naagin image in a curtain. In the party, Vish says neither this girl (Bela) nor this guy (Mahir) will be alive. Bela reveals to everyone that Vish is a Naagin. All get shocked including Vish. 

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