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Naagin Season 3 9 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Bella doubts intentions of Vish

Vish eyes her next victim and chooses to kill Yuvi.

Naagin Season 3 Full Episode Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update:

Missed last episode of Naagin here’s a recap – Naagin Season3 3 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Vish is here to take revenge

Mahir (Pearl V Puri) talks to the police about Karan. Yuvi (Ankit Mohan) and the rest of the boys discuss that Karan is in coma. They say that he must have fallen due to over drinking, or else he wouldn’t have had been drowned as he was a good swimmer. While they want to dismiss the incident as Karan was just an assistant, Mahir is adamant to find out the truth.

Bella (Surbhi Jyoti) and her father are talking in their room when Mahir passes by and overhears their conversation. Her father asks her to reconsider the marriage decision, while Bella assures her that this is right decision. She tells him that how Sumitra (Rakshanda Khan) and Mahir has assured her that they will take care of Bella always and she trusts them fully. Mahir gets happy listening to this.

Vish (Anita Hassanandani) follows Mahir in her snake form. Sumitra asks Mahir about the arrangements and Mahi tells him that all arrangements are done and Karan’s accident investigation will not affect the function. Andy gets fried on hearing this and Mahir asssures her that the investigation wouldn’t affect the wedding festivities or Andy’s high profile guests.

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Haldi Ceremony

Yuvi flirts with Vish and Bella observes it. He challenges Vish that she will put Haldi on him and Vish accepts the challenge. Everyone applies Haldi on Suhani, Pratham, Bella, and Yuvi. Yuvi is constantly looking at Vish and flirting Bella observes this and feels bad.

Vish is about to leave and Yuvi suggests Polomi that Vish should also put Haldi on them as it will auspicious. Polomi convices Vish to do so. Vish applies Haldi to Yuvi, she is very close to Yuvi and he teases her. Vish recalls what he did to her and gets angry, she is about to bite him when Mahir pulls her up. He warns Vish to stay away from Yuvi and Vish tells him to ask the same to his brother.

Police Arrives in the Ceremony

Inspector arrives in the ceremony and tells them that they did not found alcohol in Karan blood and they found an earring in his room. Vish immediately gets scared about it as it was her earrings. Bella observes her and doubts Vish’s intention

Mahir suggests watching the pictures from yesterday’s event to figure who’s earring was it. While everyone is looking at the pictures, Vish prays from Shiv Ji to save her from the trouble. Vish smartly slides a candle towards the projector and it catches fire, just as Vish’s picture was about to load.

When all were in panic mode Vish quickly deletes the picture and Bella doubts Vish more. Bella tries to tell this to Yuvi, but he ridicules it as jealousy and tries to force Bella. Bella stops him saying that they should get to know each other first. Yuvi still tries to kiss her when Suhani saves her by calling her.

Arvind warns Bella about Naagin

Bella and other girls are on their way to the hotel when Arvind comes in front of their car. They shout at the him and Arvind retaliate by warning them to not to go ahead as the Naagin has returned for her revenge and she will kill everyone.

The man disappears as another car comes there, the girls make a move. A snake slide downs from the tree and Arvind comes in his half human half snake form worrying about them.

Vish remembers past

Vish is standing on top of the Haveli, thinking about her past. A FB is shown where Ruhi is crying and has quite a few marks on her face. Her Guruji tells her that these marks will remain now and she will have to pray for another face from Shiv ji.

Ruhi is crying and praying to Shiv Ji for another face so she can avenge the killers. Flashback ends. Vish thinks that someone will die today as well, she will not leave anyone as they have taken the life of Naagin’s love that she got after 100 years.

Bella and the girls reach the venue and Bella spots Vish. She feels odd that Vish is standing like that on roof and tells Suhani to look. Suhani looks up but Vish isn’t there and she tells Bella that she is over-imagining things due to jealousy.

Mahir talks to Bella

Mahir observes that Bella is tense and he talks to her. Bella tell him that she doesn’t have a good feeling about Vish. She also tells him about the incident with Arvind. Bella adds that she feels something wrong with this place as well.

Andy hears this and shout at Bella for saying that, he tells her shut it as he has some important investors coming today. Mahir cools him down and tells Bella to not to mind as Andy is stressed.

Yuvi and Vish Dance

Everyone is dancing and enjoying Sangeet when Yuvi ask Vish for a dance. They do a sensual dance and Bella gets uncomfortable watching them. Mahir notices it and asks the Dhol guy to ask the coupled to dance. When he does, Mahir takes Yuvi’s hand takes him to Bella. He gives Bella’s hand into Yuvi’s as Vish walks away with attitude.

The Investors Arrive

Andy and Mahir welcomes the investors. He offers them to show them the property and takes them to the old haveli. Arvind opens the door at Haveli and warns them to not to take strangers inside the Haveli.

Andy does not heed his suggestion and we see Ruhi and Vikrant’s photo in the wall. Vish comes in her half human half snake form and says that its good that they themselves came to the haveli to get killed.


Everyone is dancing when Vish thinks that everyone will die one by one including Bella and Mahir. We see Andy shooting and Anita is bleeding. Bella sees Anita’s photo at the Haveli and accuse her of being a Naagin. Karan comes to the party and points towards Vish.