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Naagin Season 3 23 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Vish attacks Bella

Naagin Season 3 Full Episode Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update: Bella is extremely unhappy with the marriage although she keeps a jane face in front of others she fights with Maahir. Vish is agitated upon seeing Bella with Maahir and attacks Bella.

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While Vish (Anita Hassanandani) is angry that Bella (Surbhi Jyoti) has replaced her at the Mandap, Sumitra (Rakhshanda Khan) tells her that it was she who convinces her for it. Sumitra adds that she did not Vish to become his son’s wife and Bella is the perfect match for him.

Bella and Maahir ( Pearl V Puri) completes the wedding rituals and take vows. Vish is furious as her plan fails and Sumitra is ecstatic that Vish isn’t marrying Maahir.

During the Grah Pravesh, Vish is also present there and she announces that she will stay in the house from now onwards. Everyone gets shocked on the news Maahir tries to protest but his father Andy  (Chetan Hansraj) stops him as Vish is his main investor.

Bella is angry on Maahir

Sumitra takes Bella to her room and tries to pacify her anger towards Maahir. As Maahir comes into the room he observes that  Bella is coughing often. He tries to convince her that he did all this for her sake and Bella shouts at him for it.

She blames him for all the mess as he was the one who convinced her to marry Yuvi. And as Yuvi ran off he very conveniently chose to marry her. Maahir listens to all this calmly as Bella coughs again.

Maahir understands that she is getting allergic to jasmine candles so he snuffs them all. He offers a glass of water to her and mistakenly spills it on her as she gets angrier.

Bella and Maahir Dance

At the party, the newlyweds are obliged to dance together. Vish comes there and gets agitated seeing them together. Maahir tries to offer a hand of friendship but Bella refuses to even listen to him.

Rehaan gets a call from the hospital and doctor informs him that Karan’s bill is pending. He is shocked to learn that Karan is still in a coma. Rehaan further requests the doctor to send him the CCTV footage of the night Karan blames Adi.

In the CCTV footage, Rehaan recognizes Vish in Karan’s room and suspects her. Meanwhile, at the reception party, Vish dims all the lights in the room and makes a deadly attempt to kill Bela. Rehaan is observing all this.

Maahir’s sister gets hurt in the attack and faints, everyone is distracting taking care of her. Bella follows Vish as she makes an exit, Rehaan follows them too.

Vish tries to kill Bella

At the Purani Haveli, Bella confronts Vish as Rehaan walks in. Rehaan threatens her with a gun and Vish laughs at her. She randomly gains multiple powers such as Extended limbs, Multiplicity and what not (Looks like she just watched  the Incredibles 2)

Vish attacks Bella with knives and Rehaan calls Andy and tells him to the Haveli asap.


Andy, Maahir, and others come to the Haveli and Rehaan tells them that Vish is a Naagin.

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