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Naagin Season 3 17 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Bella gets married to Maahir

Vish's plan to marry Maahir fails

Naagin 3 Full Episode Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update: After a lot of drama that involved Vish almost getting married to Maahir, Bella finally gets married to Maahir instead.

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Maahir ( Pearl V Puri) informs his parents that Yuvi is missing. While Andy (Chetan Hansraj) is worried about the effect on this on his deal, Sumitra (Rakhshanda Khan) is worried about Bella (Surbhi Jyoti) and her future.

Happy after killing Yuvi, Vish (Anita Hassanandani) is elated. She is sitting on the throne, reiterating that she will kill everyone. Vish crosses Yuvi’s picture and targets her next kill – Adi.

While Yuvi’s parents are worried about what will happen, Maahir comes there dressed as the Bridegroom. Andy thanks him for doing this for the business. Maahir tells him that he is doing this for Bella as he has had promised her that no harm will come to her. His mom asks him to think again but he seems determined.

Bella spots Maahir

Everyone is waiting for Yuvi to come down when Vish enters the party. Maahir enters as Yuvi with his face hidden behind the sehra. Vish is shocked to see this for a moment and then thinks who could this be as she has killed Yuvi.

Bella also arrives as Vish is furious and gets increasingly uneasy. Bella observes Maahir’s watch on his hand and soon realizes that it’s Maahir instead of Yuvi. Everyone gets shocked and she unmasks Maahir, Vish is elated.

Bella runs from the Mandap

Shocked by the development Bella asks everyone about Yuvi, but no one could answer. Maahir reveals to her that Yuvi has left. Stunned Bella is about to fall when Maahir rescues her.

Bella runs away from the mandap. Andy is worried about his investor’s reaction if the wedding is cancelled asks Sumitra to bring her back.

Sumitra tries to convince Bella

In the span of few minutes Bella has changed out of her bridal attire and she is leaving the venue crying. Sumitra stops her tries to convince her that she did all of that for her sake.

Bella tells her that she trusted both her and Maahir and the duo has cheated her. She adds that Sumitra was doing all this save her family and not for bella’s sake.

Bella spots her father storming off and follows her. Yuvi’s mother is really worried for them. Pratham and Suhani’s wedding goes unabated.

Vish agrees to marry Bella

When Andy is upset and worried about the debacle his friend suggests him to marry Maahir to Vish to save face in front of his investors. As expected by Vish, Andy pleads her to marry his son.

Sumitra is shocked to by this decision and tries to convince Andy otherwise. But Andy is adamant and Sumitra had to agree. She doesn’t reveal the bride swap to Maahir as he believes he is marrying Bella.

Vish spots Raavi

 Vish goes to the mandap with her face hidden while Maahir waits. She is deliriously happy as things are going as per her plan. Vish keeps on seeing everyone through her veil, planning their death when she spots Raavi.

Raavi is the girl that Yuvi has supposedly run away with. Vish instantly gets nervous about someone spotting Raavi and thus sets fire to the mandap.

Strangely, she knew which wire to pull to switch off all the lights. Escaping from the chaos Vish grabs Raavi and takes her to the haveli. After Vish reveals her true self to Raavi the latter runs around the place.

For some reason Vish throws Raavi on the chandelier and then out. As per her confession, all have that will make Raavi forget how did she get here and her naagin form once she gains her consciousness.


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Bella and Maahir are getting married

To her utter utter surprise Vish sees that Maahir is getting married to Bella.  Vish gets all frustrated and Sumitra tells her that Bella has returned.

Obviously agitated as her plans have failed, Vish hears Bella speaking her Vows. Sumitra tells her that her husband might have begged Vish to marry Maahir but she did not approve of her.

She adds that when the Mandap caught fire she left to fetch Bella. Catching unto them in an inhuman speed, Sumitra spots Bella’s father jumping into a river and Bella follows. Rest of the story will continue in the next episode.


Vish attacks Bella and tries to kill her.