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Naagin Season 3 10 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Bella accuses Vish of being a Naagin

Vish wants to torture and kill members of the Sehgal family rather than giving them easy death.

Naagin 3 Full Episode Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update:

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Vish (Anita Hassanandani) states her intention by saying that she has now planned to torture and kill members of the Sehgal family rather than giving them easy death.

Andy (Chetan Hansraj) doesn’t pay heed to Arvind’ warning and enters the haveli with Mahir (Pearl V Puri) and the investors. The investors get intrigued by the dinginess of the haveli and roam around. Arvind continues to warn them and tell them the story of Ichaadari Naag and Naagin.

As they are seeing the pictures of them, Arvind spots a picture of Vish. Vish  enters the haveli and Arvind shouts looking at her. When Mahir asks her what is she doing here, she tells him that she is VK aka the main investor of the project. Andy welcomes her and tells her that Mahir will head the project.

A snake on the chandelier

At the party everyone is dancing. Vish sees them and think that each of them will have to die, including Bella (Surbhi Jyoti) and Mahir. She leaves for upstairs and Bella notices her leaving. There is a snake on the chandelier and it eyes everyone.

Someone spots the snake and shout, Andy shoots at the snake. A piece from the chandelier hits Polomi distracting everyone. While Bella doubts Vish as she sees her running out and follows her.

Bella sees Vish’s Potrait

Bella follows an injured Vish to the haveli. She collides with Arvind and he warns her not to enter the haveli. Bella does not listen and walks inside. She spot Vish running and follows. On the first floor landing Bella hides behind a curtain to observe Vish. Vish suddenly disappears and Bella notices the picture behind her, its Vish’s portrait.

Putting two and two together Bella understands the reality of Bella and decides to expose her. With the help of Arvind she takes the portrait to the party.

Bella Accuse Vish

Bella walks into the party and drags Vish by her hand to the center. She tells everyone that she saw Vish running from the party to the haveli and that she got hit by the bullet. Vish innocently evades all allegation.

Bella reveals that Vish is a Naagin, an Icchadhaari Naagin, no one seems to believe he. Andy also shouts at her, Bella shows everyone the picture but the image of Vish has changed. Shocked Bella looks at Arvind and he just acts innocent. Andy tells the caretaker to leave.  He winks at Vish as he is also an Icchadhaari Naag.

Andy is really angry on Bella and Maahir tells him to calm down. He support Bella and Andy says that he can’t afford to loose Vish. Vish puts in that Bella might be upset as she was dancing with Yuvi. Andy forces her to apologies.

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Karan Accuses Aditya

Karan enters the party and tells everyone that his killer is in the party. He points towards Vish, everyone is shocked. But Karan takes Adi’s name, telling everyone that Adi was drunk he threw him out after a fight for a girl.

A flasback is shown where Arvind and Vish hatches a plan to trap Adi. Arvind embodies Karan’s form. A lot of drama happen as Adi get angry and tries to be physical with Karan, on the other hand, Adi’s mum creates a ruckus as well.

The cops arrive to arrest Adi and take him away. Adi’s mom slaps Karan and his snake form starts to come through when Vish calms him down. They throw Karan out of the party. Outside, he confess that they will all take revenge together.

Yuvi, Bella and Mahir

All are tensed about Aditya, Yuvi goes to Mahir to convince him to get Adi released. Bella also arrives there and asks the same. She tells them that Adi hasn’t done anything as Vish is somehow behind all this.

Yuvi ridicules her thought and chalks it up to her jealousy for Vish. He tells Bella that Vish is hot but she’s hotter.Yuvi’s ex-girlfriend arrives there and Bella feels a little discomfort.

After Yuvi leaves Mahir assures Bella that Yuvi will become a responsible husband later on. Mahir frowns upon Yuvi for inviting his ex-girlfriend to the party. He asks Yuvi to not to play with Bella’s feelings.

Mahir decides to stay in Yuvi room to watch over his notorious brother. Suhani complains to Bella that Yuvi is not a good husband material. She says he is flirting with Vish and has called his ex-girlfriend over to the bash. Bella still defends him and tells Suhani that her choice is good one.

She sees the temple of Lord Shiva on the hill and sees it all lit up. She wonders what is happening in the temple and decides to see it for herself.  Vish does tandav before Lord Shiva as Bella walks inside the temple. She sees Vish’s sitting there.


Vish decides to kill off Adi and Yuvi