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Naagin 3 2 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: The boys of the Sehgal clan kills the Nagraj

The age-old story of Naagin avenging his Nagraj is here with not much changes to the plot.

Naagin 3 Full Episode Written Update

Naagin 3 Written Update: The first episode of the much awaited Naagin 3 sets the wheels of the revenge drama in motion. After the wait of 10 decades, Nagraj and Naagin finally get blessings of Shiv Ji. But their happiness is soon disrupted by the young members of Sehgal family.

Colors TV just premiered the third season of Naagin. Starring Karishma Tanna, Rajat Tokas, Anita Hassanandani, Surbhi JyotiPearl V PuriChetan Hansraj, Rakshanda Khan in the main lead.

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The episode starts with Pandit Ji and some people praying in a Shiv Ji mandir. Andy Sehgal (Chetan) arrives there with a JCB to break down the mandir and the adjoining Haveli.

Snakes Protect the Temple

Pandit Ji warns him against his action as the mandir is around 3000 years old and has protection from snakes. The egoistic business tycoon that Andy is he doesn’t heed the advice as orders his men to break the Mandir. The Pandit prays to Shiv Ji to save his temple.

A strong wind starts as soon as the JCB moves nearer to the mandir, someone takes Andy away from there. Suddenly a lot of snakes come to protect the mandir including an extremely big one that eats a worker or two. Everyone runs from there in an attempt to save their life.

When Andy is informed about it he gets furious, he wants the temple to be gone as he plans a big 5-star restaurant there. He ridicules his employee’s talk about snakes and tells him to hire a contractor and destroy the temple as soon as possible. As Andy leaves the employee smirks at his back telling him that Icchadhari snake does exist, and turns into one.

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Boys of the Sehgal Family 

Sitting on a car the boys of Sehgal family are established as spoilt brats. They move around boasting their father’s name. For more than a brief moment the cast of Veere Di WeddingKareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania come to promote their films.

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The ladies kick the guys out of the club. The guys decide to go to the temple ground to have some fun. On the grounds, a snake turns into a girl (Karishma Tanna) and she starts dancing. Another snake turns into human form, its a guy (Rajat Tokas). The duo dances romantically.

The guys hear some noise of ghungroo and move towards the noise. They discover the Vikrant – Nagraj, and Ruhi – Naagin talking and embracing each other. They thank their stars and Shiv Ji as, after 100 years of Tapasya, they got the blessing to turn into human form. Not noticing the guys they tell each other that they will never be separated now.

The guys menace with the snakes

But unfortunately, the guys decide to menace with them. Vikrant sends Ruhi to change into a bridal dress. As soon as she returns the guys surround her and starts talking cheesy. Ruhi gets angry and about to phase into her snake form, but Vikrant stops her.  He asks the guys to leave them alone and they leave as a coy.

Vikrant tells her that she cannot change her form in front of any human as they promised their Guruji to maintain secrecy. He takes a promise from her to always maintain this secret. The guys return and attack the duo strategically and throw Vikrant off the cliff.

Vikrant is hanging by the cliff and the guys throw Ruhi’s dupatta away. They are dragging her away when Vikrant manages to come up, he challenges the guys to leave Ruhi or else the resultant would not be good. Underestimating him they make fun of Vikrant. He turns into his snake form and everyone gets scared. One the guys call Mahir to come for their aid.

Vikrant comes into his Snake form

In his half human, half snake form he hits the guys up, they eventually leave Ruhi and she runs towards Vikrant. Vikrant returns to his human form and they hug. Yuvraj and Pratham take this as an insult and Pratham shoots Vikrant.

Vikrant falls off the cliff and Ruhi moves down it to help him. Mahir comes there and asks what happened, they tell him they just killed a snake. Vikrant is lying on Ruhi’s lap, he is about to die and asks her to promise that she will live on. He dies and turns into his Snake form. Ruhi sees the faces of people who killed him in Vikrant’s eyes. She then promises to herself and god that she will avenge her lover and kill each and every one of them.

Naagin 3 Review

Honestly, we expected something better from the show, if not story wise at least graphics and production quality vice. Common guys if you dare to enter the supernatural realm do justice with it.

The age-old story of Naagin avenging the death of his Nagraj by taking human form and killing his killers one by one is back. One question can’t she remain in the snake form and kill each and everyone in one go by bitting them; just saying. Let’s hope things change from tomorrow onwards.

Let us know what were your feelings after watching Naagin 3.