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Mission Impossible – FallOut: Henry Cavill on his role in the movie.


Henry Cavill, the British Actor who will be sporting a moustache in the film Mission Impossible – FallOut, talks about his role in the film. The sixty installment of the Mission Impossible franchise will be released on 27th of July.

Henry Cavill’s character in the movie.

Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise will stand against each other in the movie with ideologies poles apart. August Walker (Henry Cavill) is a CIA agent who describes his character as Weapon of the last resort. He is very blunt and kills everyone in the room without any question, justification or witness.

‘Mission Impossible – FallOut’ – August Walker vs Ethan Hunt.

Henry Cavill reveals that in the movie August Walker would be against the long time partner and associate Ethan Hunt. He reasons the tussle saying, Ethan Hunt the hero tries to save everyone believing that whatever August is doing is not helping. On the other hand August Walker believes that the way in which Ethan is carrying out his business is ultimately a greater threat than good.

Mission Impossible – FallOut to feature biggest stunts Tom Cruise has ever done.

Mission Impossible FallOut poster
Mission Impossible FallOut poster

The Paramount pictures and Skydance World premiered some new footages from the the 6th installment of Mission Impossible Franchise and has left everyone awestruck. In one of the scenes Tom Cruise has to jump out from the plane at a 30000 feet height and then doing a synchronised set of action sequence. The scene had to be done at the time when Sun is going down and so every day they had just once chance for the shot. It took 106 days (takes) for the scene to be shot. And that is just one of the scenes. There are many more in the movie. In one of the scenes Tom Cruise is weaving in and out of the cars on a motorbike that too at a high speed and without helmet.

Tom Cruise has surely done some of the most difficult stunts of his life. But the movie is more of an emotional ride too.

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