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Kumkum Bhagya 9 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode: Sangram hits Purab with a Truck

Pragya and Abhi are getting their rhythm back and Disha and Purab are trying to find one; baring Sangram lets them.


Kumkum Bhagya 9 Feb 2018: The show today has a romantic underline to it. While Purab and Disha’s couple time still continuing viewers got to enjoy Pragya and Abhi’s couple time as well. Off course, Sangram appeared in the show to disturb the romantic momentum.

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Abhi Prgaya 

The duo was almost missing from yesterday’s episode. But today’s episode started with them.

As Pragya took on Purab’s responsibilities for the day. Abhi got a chance to poke Pragya, in lieu of Pretending Pragya is Purab.

So Abhi, asks her to call him Abhi instead of “Aap,” as Purab does. ‘Teri’ instead of ‘Tumhari,’ as Purab does. All the while keeping an arm around Pragya shoulders like he would keep on Purab. Almost breaking the poor Pragya’s back as she bends everytime with the weight of his arm. (We wonder how Sunny deolish Abhi’ arms are)

Kumkum Bhagya 9 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode, Sangram hits Purab with a Truck

He even hits her at the back like buddies do. Understanding the game Pragya also plays along. Returns the back hit as well. She finally manages to get him ready for his Video call from the Producers.

After the call is done the couple share a romantic hug but no kiss as Abhi would have preferred.

As usual the duo looks quite cute together. Their light hearted romance is undoubtedly, the charm of the whole show.

Disha Purab

Disha and Purab continue there shopping adventure in the market. The couple seems to be enjoying there down time. Another age old formula was used when Disha is about to fall and Purab catches here. The moment freezes as they lose themselves in each others eye.

The romance continues as Purab helds Disha’s hand while conversing. Meanwhile Sangram’s Funny goons arrive.

Funny Goons

Sangram is keeping an eye on the couple in the market. He hatches a plan to kill Purab and take Disha with him. For his love and revenge.

Kumkum Bhagya 9 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode, Sangram hits Purab with a Truck 2

Somehow, the makers wanted this sequence to be light hearted. Why else, a goon would have an empty gun with him. The comical reason he gives that Sangram might kill someone if the gun is loaded; like Really!!!

The not so amusing antics is continued throughout Sangram’s and his pupil conversation. So, they want the audiences to take Sangram casually, just another goon as a filler till Alia and Tanu hatches a master plan.

The Accident

Purab and Disha head towards their car. Meanwhile Sangram waits in the truck for an opportunity to catch Purab alone. Disha sees some beggars and want to feed them as gratitude to God.

While Disha is serving the beggars, Purab helps her. She send him to fetch the car, giving Sangram his opportunity. Purab is crossing the road when Disha spots the Truck.

She shouts but to no avail, as the truck hits Puran. He is thrown aside by the force, badly injured and fainted. Disha freezes at her location due to shock.

Pragya and Abhi try Purab’s phone, but the phone is shown fallen on the road near Purab. The frame freezes on a worried Abhi and his injured best friend.

Precap for Monday

Sangram is pulling Disha out from the Market. Purab is lying on the road still semi conscious.

Pragya calls Purab and somebody else pick it up, telling them he found the phone on road. This worries Pragya and Abhi.