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Kumkum Bhagya 31 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: King Invites Abhi to his Party with family

Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 31 May 2018

Abhi and King continue to their tussle of words. The client tells them that they can’t back off from the contract now. Both boast that they do not dishonor their contracts.

The client offers Abhi to throw a party for his new album and launch the World Music Album with King. King tells them that the Party shall be at the house as today is also his housewarming party.  He invites Abhi with family and Abhi accepts.

King taunts him to bring his wife as well as he wants to see who is bearing Abhi. Abhi reverts by saying that he also wants to meet his wife to see who could marry King. While King looks on Abhi calls Tanu and asks her to come with him to the party.

Sunny and Kiara become friends 

Sunny offers strawberry milk to Kiara and tells him that his mother has prepared it for her. The two kids become friends. Sunny invites Kiara to his house and she tells him that her mumma will talk to his mumma and decide. He shares his number with her for the same.

King asks Pragya to pretend as his wife

Pragya tells King that she has prepared the guest list for the Housewarming. King tells Pragya that he has signed the world album and invited the other singer and his family home. Pragya teases him that he did not want to see the singer’s face at one time and now he has invited him for a party.

Pragya assures him that she will make the best of arrangements. King further tells her that he has also boasted in front of him that he has the best wife, as he was taunting him.  King says if I don’t marry anyone then there is a chance for you. Pragya says but there is no chance of yours as you are not my type. King says because you like that Mumbai type guy. He asks her to be a good wife. King thinks Abhi will lose his challenge seeing his fake wife.

Kiara calls Sunny 

Kiara tells Pragya that Sunny gave her strawberry milkshake today and that she wants to go to his house for the science project. Pragya upfront refuses saying that she doesn’t his parents.

Kiara calls Sunny and Pragya takes the phone. She asks Sunny for his mother’s name and he says Disha. Pragya remembers Disha and asks Sunny to give her the phone so she can take the address.

Sunny looks for Disha but couldn’t find her. He tells Pragya that she can talk to his Chahu and calls Robin to enact as his Chahu to give the address. Pragya thinks to herself, anyone could be named Disha it is not necessary that Sunny is Purab and Disha’s son.

Abhi calls Tanu to remind her about the party. Tanu tells her that she can’t come as she is quite drunk. Abhi gets upset and ends the call. Tanu tells her friends that she has to go and handle Abhi and leaves.

Pragya sends Kiara to Sunny’s home with the driver. She is about to get ready for the party when a glass breaks. She remembers Sarla and Dadi saying that is auspicious. Pragya thinks that something big will happen today.

Pragya and King are walking towards Abhi, while he is sitting alone in the party.


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