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Kumkum Bhagya 30 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Abhi and Pragya saves everyone from terrorists

With King and Abhi all set to work together a meeting between Pragya and Abhi is in the cards.

Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30 May 2018: Pragya and Abhi manage to save the day. King and Abhi finally agree to sign the world album contract.

Pragya manages to hit the terrorist as he opens the door and runs out with Sunny. Kiara comes to them and tells Pragya that the Doll Chor has saved her life. Police also joins them.

Kiara tells Pragya that Abhi is in danger and they run towards him. Abhi is fighting with the terrorist when he hits his heads and aims a gun at him. Police enter the room and ask the terrorists to surrender.

The terrorist holds Abhi and threatens to shoot him. Abhi tells the police to shoot anyways. Pragya is seeing all this from a window, she cannot see Abhi’s face. She throws a paperweight on the terrorist, as he is about to shoot. The bullet flies towards the window and shatters the glass. Pragya shouts as the shards hit her.

Abhi hears her voice and comes near the window to check, but someone has taken Pragya away for treatment. He thinks about Pragya and why would she come and save him.

King is happy that Kiara is safe

Pragya and Kiara come out as King greets them. King rushes to Kiara and hugs her. Overwhelmed he has tears in eyes. When Kiara asks about the tears he just gives a lame excuse.

Tarna approaches King and tells him how happy Kiara and his bond makes him. King thinks Kiara is more than a daughter to him.

Disha, Purab, and Mitali are in the car and Disha is crying.  Abhi calls Purab and tells him that Sunny is fine. He takes Sunny home.

King shifts into the new home

King tells Kiara that they found a home and will be shifting today. Kiara is ecstatic about the news and Pragya is happy to see her happy. Pragya prays that Kiara is always happy and safe. They come to their new home and everyone loves the place.

King and Abhi sign the contract

King and Abhi meet the organizers once again. With some persuasion from the organizer the duo agrees and sign the contract. And have a war of words immediately after it as well.

King invites Abhi and his wife to the party and says I want to see which woman is bearing you. Abhi says I will bring my wife, but she couldn’t meet your wife and says who will marry such an arrogant guy.

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