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Kumkum Bhagya 29 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: The terror attack continues as Pragya and Abhi tries to save the kids

In their acts of heroism, Pragya saves Sunny and Abhi saves Kiara from the terrorists.

Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29 May 2018: While still in school Sunny is with Pragya and Kiara is with Abhi. The school is still under the terrorist attack. 

Pragya and Abhi are sitting separated by the wall, they both seem to sense each other presence. The duo chalks it to their habit of being with each other in troubled times. King’s assistant informs him about the terrorist attack on Kiara school and Kings leaves immediately.

The terrorist is about to shoot a boy when Abhi aims his gun at the terrorist. Abhi beats him and locks him in a classroom. Kiara and Sunny hatch a plan to distract and hurt the terrorists.

The main terrorist, Ashok Pandit calls the inspector and places his demand of a helicopter. Kiara and Sunny throw marbles in their way to try to escape. They fail and the terrorists decide to lock the two kids separately.

Sunny uses pepper spray on terrorist, which he bought for Kiara. He sprays in his eyes, but terrorist holds his foot. Sunny asks for help and Pragya comes there hearing him. The goon threatens them to shoot but Pragya throws her bag on him and escapes along with Sunny.

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Abhi saves Kiara

Abhi spots the principal with the terrorist and follows them. Ashok Pandit gets angry as the helicopter is delayed, he threatens the principal to control the student or he will kill them.

Kiara interferes and Pandit is about to slap her when Abhi hits him. He hugs Kiara and assures her that Papa is here. Abhi enquires about Sunny, but Kiara doesn’t know his whereabouts.

The Terrorist warns them again, Kiar distracts him by blowing chalk powder in his eyes. Abhi fights with him and asks Kiara to leave. She hesitates at first but then leaves on Abhi’s insistence.

Pragya saves Sunny

Pragya and Sunny locks themselves in a classroom, the terrorist tries to open the door. He threatens to kill them both if they did not open the door. Sunny is scared ask Pragya, not to leave. Pragya tells him she will save both him and Kiara.

Sunny asks her is she is Kiara’s mother and tells her that Kiara is with the terrorists. Pragya gets tensed for Kiara. She sees a rod lying around and quickly hatches a plan. Pragya instructs Sunny to stand on the side and not to make any noise.

The terrorist manages to break the door open as Pragya observes him entering the room.


King invites Abhi and his family to the party.