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Kumkum Bhagya 28 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Terrorist has school kids including Kiara and Sunny as Hostages

While the Police is foolishly standing on the front door, Abhi and Pragya heroically manages to enter the school from the back door.

Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28 May 2018: Abhi and Pragya worried about Sunny and Kiara respectively manage to sneak into the school through back door. 

The terrorists enter the school premises and threaten the principal. Abhi hears on the Radio about the terrorist attack on the Bright Sunshine school, he immediately takes a U-turn. Pragya and Tarun also hear about the same and try to reach the school as fast as possible.

The terrorist enters Kiara’s classroom and shouts, Kiara tells them not to shout as everyone is scared of them as is. The terrorists slap their teacher and ask every student to make a line and move towards the Hall.

Abhi arrives at the school, but the Police don’t allow him in. He hatches a plan of going in through the back gate. At home, everyone gets to know about the terrorist through TV. Purab calls Abhi, he informs him that he is at school. Abhi tells him to take care of everyone at home.

Abhi and Pragya enters through the back gate

Pragya arrives at school, but the inspector doesn’t allow her inside either. She also thinks of entering from the back gate. Kiara boasts to sunny, that her mother will come and beat these terrorists senseless. Sunny also chips in telling her that his Chucks will come flying like a superman to save them.

Abhi jumps in through the back door, how foolish of the Policemen that they don’t have the premises covered from all the sides. Anyways Abhi spots the dead watchmen and takes his gun.

Meanwhile, Disha also hears the news and gets worried. Purab tries to calm her down, but she asks him to go to school and help Abhi. Purab leaves as Mitali and Tanu joins him.

Pragya also manages to enter through back door, the police are literally dummies. Abhi hears the sound of her heels and immediately feels that it’s Pragya. Terrorist come there as Abhi and Pragya are just separated by the wall

Terrorist aims gun on Abhi and Threatens to kill him. Pragya looks at Abhi who is at gunpoint.

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