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Kumkum Bhagya 25 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Kiara gets upset with Abhi

Abhi visits Sunny's school and discovers that Kiara is the girl who was bullying Sunny.

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 25 May 2018: The client convinces King and Abhi to think about the deal. Kiara is upset with Abhi and Abhi feels really bad about it. 

The client reaffirms to Abhi and King that how profitable the deal would be for both of them. King agrees to think about it, but before Abhi could answer he gets a call from someone and leaves immediately.

Abhi reaches Sunny’s school

Abhi reaches Sunny’s school and meets the Principal. The Principal tells him that Abhi has torn a girls book and that this will not be accepted in the school.

Abhi is embarrassed as this was his idea, he tells the principal that the girl was bullying Sunny and idea was a mere suggestion to him. The Principal calls the girl and she turns out to be Kiara.

Some goons enter the Schools to keep the kid’s hostage and demand for a helicopter to escape. They hurt the guard and lock him inside a room.

Kiara acts all innocent and puts all the blame on Sunny, and wrongly accuse Abhi of slapping her. Abhi immediately understands her plan and apologies to her before she hatches another plan and gets him into more trouble.

Abhi meet Kiara outside the principal’s office and Kiara shouts at him for hurting her. She tells him not to talk to her and their friendship is over. Abhi is really upset about it and leaves the school. He bumps into the goons and gets suspicious about them.

Pragya leaves for the School

Pragya feels uneasy and thinks she should call back Kiara. She tries calling the School but nobody replies. She calls the principal and gets tensed as even she doesn’t pick the call.

Pragya is en route to view some home options with Tarun and Chachi, she suggests to stop by the school first and pick Kiara. They leave for the school.


The goons are threatening the Principal. Abhi sees that the police is blocking the school and tries to enter the property. The Police stop him by saying that the goons are not ordinary thief they are terrorists and Abhi gets shocked.

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