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Kumkum Bhagya 23 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Tanu sees Pragya at the hotel

While Abhi and Pragya are still playing hide and seek, Tanu spots Pragya at the hotel.

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 23 May 2018: Abhi is really impressed with Kiara and wants to meet his mother. On the other hand, Pragya wants to meet the stranger who helped Kiara.

Pragya marginally misses Abhi as she heads towards the Kiara. Pragya starts to scold Kiara and she changes the topic to escape from it. Kiara tells him about Abhi, but when Pragya ask for a name she could not remember it properly.  Tanu arrives at the same hotel to meet a friend

Abhi tells Purab about Kiara

When Abhi finally meets Purab, the latter enquires about this whereabouts. Abhi tells him that he was stuck in the lift and Purab doesn’t believe him. Purab tells him that he would have been crying by now, due to darkness.

Than Abhi tells him about 7-year-old Kiara. Purab enquires if she is the same girl that Abhi mentioned earlier, that her daughter would have been of same age. Abhi says yes and tells him about her smartness. He further tells Purab that she took care of him as Dadi uses too. Abhi tells him that if he had a daughter then she would be just like her.

He also expresses his feelings that if he plans to make children song, then he will make her write lyrics and sing as well. Purab says his niece was here, she would have been like her. Abhi says if the daughter is like this, then how the mother would be.

Pragya and Kiara

Pragaya tells Kiara to promise, that she will not go anywhere without informing her. Kiara agrees and tells her that she is hungry. Pragya also mentions that she would like to thank Kiara new friend for taking care of her. Kiara tells her that even he wanted to meet her.

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Abhi and King fight

In the meeting, the client tells them that there will be two performers in the Advertisement. Aaliya says she wasn’t informed about the same. Abhi enquires about the second performer when King enters.

Abhi immediately tells the client that he is canceling the world album if he has to share screen space with King. King asks him how did he become a rockstar as he posses neither the talent or mannerism of one. Abhi and King enter into a war of words and leave the meeting.

Tanu sees Pragya

Pragya takes Kiara to the hotel restaurant and Tanu and her friend enter as well. Pragya is giving the order when Tanu comes near here and orders for coffee. Tanu collides with Waiter and coffee falls on her.  While Pragya is carrying milkshake with ice, and her coffee, the coffee spill over her. Both the ladies move towards the washroom to wash off the stain.

Pragya comes into the washroom. Tanu comes out of the bathroom and spots cleaning her dress. She gets shocked.

Tanu looks at Pragya and sees Abhi coming from another way. She thinks she will keep Pragya away from Abhi and that they can’t meet.