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Kumkum Bhagya 20 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Abhi and Pragya meet at the bank

Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update: Pragya and Abhi both are the bank, they cross each other’s path as background music supports them.

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 Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) clicks a picture with the bank manager for his daughter and reminiscence that he also thought of having a daughter but could not.  The manager sends Abhi with an employee to do the bank formalities. Abhi goes out.

Mona is attending Pragya (Sriti Jha) as she mistakenly writes Abhishek Prem Mehra in the husband’s name section of the form. Pragya cuts the name on realization and tells Mona that he is her past.

Abhi hears this comment and feels bad, he comes and starts flirting Mona. Mona makes the connection and tells Pragya that her past was a rockstar and present is a rap star. She adds that she is looking forward for their album.

Mona asks Abhi, if Pragya broke off with you. Abhi asks her to call her Pragya Maa’m. Mona comes to Pragya and asks that did she leave him due to his attitude. Pragya tells her that he is a good person.

Mona feels odd that the separated couple is still very connected and cannot hear anything bad about each other.

Abhi calls Kiara

Abhi calls Kiara to ask her address. Kiara suggest con-calling her mother and asks Abhi to wait. As Kiara adds Pragya in the conference call, Abhi receives an important call and cuts Kiara’s phone.

Kiara goes to King to take his help connecting Pragya and Abhi in a conference call. She tells him that Abhi is her new best friend. Abhi and Pragya collide on stairs and the papers fly around them.

Tarun comes to King and observes that he has fever. Chachi suggests King to rest and call Pragya to help him out. Kiara offers to care for him till and takes him inside.

Abhi gets Purab’s call and Purab tells him that Disha brought much food and will kill him with overfeeding. Abhi asks him to enjoy the romance and adds that he will come late.

Mona tells Pragya that her documents will be ready in five minutes. Manager apologizes to Pragya for not attending Pragya personally as he was quite busy.

Scurity guards take two bags inside and drop them, the manager asks them to be carefu, the flooring might break. When Pragya questions how can floor break with cash, manager tell her that they are keeping gold in their bank from other banks and the bags has gold.


An old lady blesses Abhi and Pragya to be together as a couple and asks her not to leave him. Abhi and Pragya looks at each other.

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