Home Bollywood Kaala Promotion: Rajnikanth proves he is the King of Swag.

Kaala Promotion: Rajnikanth proves he is the King of Swag.

Kaala Promotion: Rajnikanth the Swag King
Kaala Promotion: Rajnikanth the Swag King

Just one month to go before Rajnikanth’s Kaala hits the box Office. Kaala is officially scheduled to release on 7th June 2018. Rajnikanth’s updates on social media proves that even at 68 he is still the King of Swag. Read here for details.

Rajnikanth’s Uber cool avatar creating a swirl on Internet.

Though Rajnikanth is currently in US for his routine medical checkup, he has been very active on the social media these days promoting for his upcoming film Kaala. Rajnikanth with his super cool poses proves he is still the king of Swag even at the age of 68. Rajnikanth has been trying to attract the younger crowd with his cool new look. And we must agree that There hasn’t been a look that Rajnikanth hasn’t been able to nail it right. Even his look for Kaala – His black kurta and Mundi ensemble is definitely stylish. But what makes all the difference is the way he carries it.

About Kaala.

Kaala is about a Slum lord from Tamilnadu who as a child had run away to Mumbai and brought up there to be a powerful leader of Dharavi. He is a kind of leader who fights to protect his fellow people. See Rajnikanth in action as he makes keema of all the baddies. The film also starres Nana Patekar, Huma Qureshi and Anjali Patil. The film is directed by Pa Ranjith. Kaala is the second collaboration between Pa Ranjith and superstar Rajnikanth. The last time they came together was in 2016 with Blockbuster Kabali.

Besides Kaala fans are also awaiting the release of sci – fi action film 2.0. The movie also starres Akshay Kumar and Ämy Jackson. It is presumed that the film would hit the screens this Independence Day. Wow. 2 Rajnikanth releases in an year.

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