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Justin Timberlake Super Bowl halftime performance, teases New BTS Clip.


Justin Timberlake (36 years old) has been engaged on his extremely anticipated Tremendous Bowl efficiency, and it appears to be like it will be one to recollect. Justin Timberlake Super Bowl halftime performance will be held in February. He want to make his performance epic, the pop singer can be seen into the stadium and talking about his performance plans in a scene of video of E!News.

He said that in the video:

“I am getting the opportunity to have the stage to myself,”

“I really am looking at it as my first time.”

Justin debute

He debuted at the popular football game came in 2001, then he was the part of N’Sync, and nobody can forget his second performance in 2004 with Janet Jackson. Janet’s wardrobe malfunction caused a large amount of controversy, and it is perhaps one of the most memorable halftime performances because of it. He is very excited for his performance, Justin’s first two performances at Super Bowls were with others now he will perform single.

While he has had some lovely unforgettable times at the Super Bowl in his past time, but in this year Justin wants to make his 13 minutes performance incredible fun for the audience. He explained in video:

“I believe it’s also the place where there’s nothing wrong with giving people what they want,”

He promise

“My biggest challenge is what is my fingerprint on that show come February 4th. It’s going to go by quick.”

He sum up with a smile and said that:

“A bit of unknown is what I’m always enthralled by,”