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IPL Cricket Score KXIP vs RR: KXIP chances looks dwindling as wickets are falling

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IPL KXIP vs RR: Kings XI Punjab played to secure their position, whereas Rajasthan Royals played to be eligible for the Playoffs. KXIP took the match from Rajasthan hands by 6 wickets.

Match Summary

Invited to Bat first by KXIP, RR lost 2 wickets soon. But Jos Buttler 51(39) and Sanju Samson 28(23) held the fortress for a while. Well as luck would have it baring Shreyas Gopal 24(16) none of the rest could stick to the crease. After the end of 20th over KXIP restricted Rajasthan on 152/9.

The target of 153 seems easy peesy when you have the likes of Gayle and KL Rahul. But Rajasthan knocked Gayle quite early and Punjab’s middle order crumbled similar to their opponents. It was dependable KL Rahul 84(54) who stuck to the crease till the very end. Taking support from Nair 31(23) and Stoinis 23(16), Rahul took his team to a win. KXIP now has 12 points.

IPL Live Cricket Score RR vs KXIP

Kings XI Punjab won by 6 wickets
Kings XI Punjab won the toss and opted to field
RR: 152/9
Inning 2 

Over 18.4: 155/4,KXIP wins the game by 6 wickets. Rahul Thumps a six and a boundary to finish off the game, making his highest run of IPL. KL Rahul 84(54), Marcus Stoinis 23(16)

Over 18: 141/4, KXIP now need 12 runs in 12 balls. Rajasthan is loosing their grip as Jaydev Unadkat gives 15 runs. Rahul smacks a six and a four consecutively. KL Rahul 70(50), Marcus Stoinis 23(16)

Over 17: 126/4, 16 runs form the over including a boundary by Stoinis and a 6 by Rahul. Jofra Archer serves an expensive over. KL Rahul 55(45), Marcus Stoinis 23(15)

Over 16: 110/4, 8 runs form the over as Ben Stokes returns to the attack. KL Rahul 48(43), Marcus Stoinis 14(11)

Over 15: 102/4, 100 comes up for the KXIP with 7 runs form the over.  Jaydev Unadkat returns and this time Stoinis manages a boundary. KL Rahul 42(39), Marcus Stoinis 12(9)

Over 14: 95/4, Stoinis smack a 6 disturbing an otherwise tidy over by Shreyas Gopal. 8 runs form the over. KL Rahul 41(37), Marcus Stoinis 7(5)

Over 13: 87/4, Men of KXIP could not stick to the crease as now Axar leaves, in an excellent catch by D Arcy Short. A fine over with just 4 runs by Krishnappa GowthamMarcus Stoinis comes to the crease. KL Rahul 40(35), Marcus Stoinis 0(1)

Over 12: 83/3Jaydev Unadkat bowls another tidy over with just 3 runs from it. KL Rahul 37(32), Axar Patel 3(3)

Over 11: 80/3,Oh Oh!! Anureet Singh bowled Nair and gives 12 runs from the over. Axar Patel comes to the crease. KL Rahul 36(28), Axar Patel 1(1)

Over 10: 68/2, Nair smacks a 6 in an other wise tidy over by Shreyas Gopal as 10 runs come from the over. KL Rahul 35(27), Karun Nair 21(19)

Over 9: 58/2, Anureet Singh comes into the attack and gives 8 runs including a boundary by Rahul. KL Rahul 33(25), Karun Nair 13(15)

Over 8: 50/2Shreyas Gopal comes into the attack and Rahul welcomes him with a boundary. 8 runs from the over. KL Rahul 26(20), Karun Nair 12(14)

Over 7: 42/2, Nair manages to sweep a boundary as 8 runs come for KXIP. Ben Stokes returns to the attack. KL Rahul 20(17), Karun Nair 10(11)

Over 6: 34/2, Jaydev Undakat starts beautifully by giving just 1 run from the over.  KL Rahul 18(15), Karun Nair 4(7)

Over 5: 33/2, Oopsy! Mayank had to leave, Caught by R Tripath as Ben Stokes comes into the attack. Karun Nair comes to the crease and manages a boundary on the last ball. 6 runs from the over. KL Rahul 17(14), Karun Nair 4(1)

Over 4: 27/1, NOO! Gayle 8(11) has to go as he is Caught by Samson.  Jofra Archer returns to the attack and gives just 8 runs along with a wicket. Mayank Agarwal comes to the crease. KL Rahul 16(12), Mayank Agarwal 1(1)

Over 3: 19/0, Rahul starts the over with a boundary and follows with two consecutive 4’s. Gowtham returns with an expensive over leaking 13 runs from it. Chris  Gayle 4(9), KL Rahul 14(9)

Over 2: 6/0, the universe boss is coming into his own, starting with a boundary. Jofra Archer comes into the attack and gives 5 runs. Chris Gayle 4(9), KL Rahul 2(3)

Over 1: 1/0, A slow start for the KXIP.  Rahul and Gayle are at the crease. Gowtham opens the attack. Chris Gayle 0(5), KL Rahul 1(1)

Inning 1 

Over 20: 152/9, KXIP needs 153 runs to win. Andrew Tye serves the last over and gives just 4 singles and a wicket, Shreyas Gopal Run Out. Shreyas Gopal 24(16), Jaydev Unadkat 6(7)

Over 19: 148/8, Gopal smacks two boundaries bringing in 11 runs from the over. Ankit Rajpoot serves the penultimate over. Shreyas Gopal 22(13), Jaydev Unadkat 4(4)

Over 18: 137/8, Literally another bites the dust as Tripathi is Caught by Ashwin. Andrew Tye strikes again and gives 8 runs including a boundary by Gopal. Jaydev Unadkat comes to the crease. Shreyas Gopal 13(9), Jaydev Unadkat 2(2)

Over 17: 129/7, 6 runs from the over as Axar Patel returns to the attack. Rahul Tripathi 11(12), Shreyas Gopal 7(6)

Over 16: 123/7, Unbelievably disastrous for RR as Gowtham welcomes Ankit Rajpoot with a boundary, the latter returns the favor by knocking former’s wicket on the very next ball. Gowtham 5(3) is Caught by Stoinis. Shreyas Gopal comes to the crease.  13 runs from the over including a boundary by Tripathi on the last ball.  Rahul Tripathi 9(10), Shreyas Gopal 3(2)

Over 15: 110/6, Mujeeb Ur Rahman brings in some more bad news for RR as he takes 2 consecutive wickets on the first two balls. Buttler is Caught by Rahul and Jofra Archer is Bowled. Krishnappa Gowtham comes to the crease. Just 4 runs from the over.  Rahul Tripathi 3(8), Krishnappa Gowtham 1(1)

Over 14: 106/4, A tidy over by Ravichandran Ashwin with just 2 runs from it. Jos Buttler 51(38), Rahul Tripathi 1(5)

Over 13: 104/4, 100 comes up RR but they still land into some more trouble as an amazing catch by Manoj Tiwary, dismisses Stokes. Mujeeb Ur Rahman gives 10 runs including a boundary by Stokes and Buttler. Rahul Tripathi comes to the crease. Jos Buttler 50(37), Rahul Tripathi 0(0)

Over 12: 94/3, Stokes manages a boundary as 9 runs come from the over. Ravichandran Ashwin returns to the attack. Jos Buttler 45(35), Ben Stokes 7(5)

Over 11: 85/3, Oopsy, Samson 28(230 is Caught by Nair. Andrew Tye returns to the attack and gives just 4 runs. Ben Stokes comes to the crease. Jos Buttler 42(33), Ben Stokes 1(1)

Over 10: 81/2, 6 runs from the over as Marcus Stoinis comes into the attack. Jos Buttler 41(31), Sanju Samson 27(20)

Over 9: 75/2, Andrew Tye comes into the attack and let loose 9 runs including a boundary by Buttler on the last ball. Jos Buttler 39(28), Sanju Samson 23(17)

Over 8: 66/2, Samson starts the over with a boundary as 9 runs come from it.  Axar returns to the attack. Jos Buttler 32(24), Sanju Samson 21(15)

Over 7: 57/2, Samson minces a 6 and a 4 as RR makes 12 runs in the over.  Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the attack. Jos Buttler 30(22), Sanju Samson 14(11)

Over 6: 45/2Axar Patel returns with a tidy over of just 3 runs. Jos Buttler 29(20), Sanju Samson 3(7)

Over 5: 42/2Mujeeb Ur Rahman returns to the attack and gives just 5 runs. Jos Buttler 27(17), Sanju Samson 3(4)

Over 4: 37/2, Oh oh! Another one fell for RR as Rahane is Caught by Gayle. Axar Patel comes into the attack and gives just 4 runs. Sanju Samson comes to the crease. Jos Buttler 24(14), Sanju Samson 1(1)

Over 3: 33/1, 9 runs come from the over as Buttler sweeps another boundary. Mujeeb Ur Rahman comes into the attack. Jos Buttler 22(12), Ajinkya Rahane 4(4)

Over 2: 24/1, 17 runs come from the over as Buttler minces four boundaries, the last three ones being consecutive. Ankit Rajpoot comes into the attack. Jos Buttler 17(9), Ajinkya Rahane 1(1)

Over 1: 7/1, the first wicket went already as D Arcy Short is Caught by Andrew Tye. Buttler manages a boundary to save the over.  Ajinkya Rahane comes to the crease. Buttler and D Arcy Short are at the crease. Ashwin opens the attack

 RR Playing XI 

Anureet Singh comes in for Dhawal Kulkarni

Jos Buttler(w), D Arcy Short, Ajinkya Rahane(c), Sanju Samson, Ben Stokes, Rahul Tripathi, Krishnappa Gowtham, Jofra Archer, Shreyas Gopal, Anureet Singh, Jaydev Unadkat


KXIP Probable XI

Yuvraj misses out and Manoj comes in again.

Lokesh Rahul(w), Chris Gayle, Karun Nair, Mayank Agarwal, Marcus Stoinis, Manoj Tiwary, Ravichandran Ashwin(c), Axar Patel, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Ankit Rajpoot, Andrew Tye