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IPL Cricket Score DD vs RCB: RCB Playoff dreams survives another day as they won by 5 wickets

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IPL 2018, DD vs RCB: Royal Challengers Bangalore faced a do or die match today at Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi, as they locked horns with the host Delhi Daredevils. RCB won by 5 wickets and moves one step closer to the Playoffs. 

Match Summary

Invited by RCB to Bat first DD, proved that they have enough arsenal on their batting side. With the batting hot shots gone soon enough, DD was taken forward by Abhishek Sharma and his 46 off 19 balls. Delhi happily posted 181/4 on the scoreboard.

Chasing a target of 182, RCB’s main man Virat Kohli 70(40) gave his fare contribution in the run chase before getting caught. Shouldering the remaining responsibility was AB de Villiers, who with his not out 72 runs off 37 balls took his team to victory. RCB won by 5 wickets, earning another set of 2 points towards playoffs.

IPL Live Cricket Score DD vs RCB
RCB won by 5 wickets
Royal Challengers Bangalore won the toss and opted to field
DD – 181/4, RCB – 187/5
Innings 2

Over 19: 187/5, RCB won by 5 wickets.Trent Boult serves the over and let loose a 6 by de Villiers, 3 singles. de Villiers finishes in style with a 6. AB de Villiers 72(37), Colin de Grandhomme 3(4)

Over 18: 172/5, Harshal Patel gives 3 wides and Sarfaraz takes two boundaries and then gives his wicket, Caught by Prithvi Shaw.  14 runs come from the over as Royal Challengers Bangalore now need 10 runs in 12 balls. Colin de Grandhomme comes to the crease. AB de Villiers 59(34), Colin de Grandhomme 1(1)

Over 17: 158/4,Trent Boult send Mandeep back to pavillion on the first ball of the over, Bowled. Royal Challengers Bangalore need 24 runs in 18 balls as just 5 runs come from the over. Sarfaraz Khan comes to the crease.  AB de Villiers 59(34), Sarfaraz Khan 3(3)

Over 16: 153/3, Royal Challengers Bangalore need 29 runs in 24 balls. 6 runs from the over as Amit Mishra returns to the attack. AB de Villiers 57(32), Mandeep Singh 13(13)

Over 15: 147/3, 8 runs from the over as Junior Dala returns to the attack. Mandeep minces a 6. AB de Villiers 54(30), Mandeep Singh 10(9)

Over 14: 139/3, Oh NO!! Kohli 70(40) is caught by Pant as Amit Mishra strikes. 7 runs from the over. Mandeep Singh comes to the crease. AB de Villiers 54(30), Mandeep Singh 2(3)

Over 13: 132/2, Kohli started the Harshal Patel over with a maximum and de Villiers followed up with 6 and a 4 consecutively. 19 runs from the over. Virat Kohli 66(38), AB de Villiers 53(29)

Over 12: 113/2,10 runs from the over including a 6 by de Villiers. Lamichhane returns to the attack. Virat Kohli 59(36), AB de Villiers 41(25)

Over 11: 103/2, 8 runs from the over including a 4 by de Villiers. Junior Dala returns to the attack. Virat Kohli 57(34), AB de Villiers 33(21)

Over 10: 95/2, 10 runs from the over including a 6 by de Villiers. Amit Mishra returns to the attack. Virat Kohli 54(30), AB de Villiers 28(19)

Over 9: 85/2, 9 runs from the over including a 4 by Kohli as he makes another fifty in style. Junior Dala returns to the attack. Virat Kohli 52(28), AB de Villiers 21(15)

Over 8: 76/2, 10 runs from the over including a 6 by de Villiers. Amit Mishra comes into the attack. Virat Kohli 44(23), AB de Villiers 20(14)

Over 7: 66/2, Lamichhane is treated with a boundary on the start by Kohli. He later controls them to singles and gives 8 runs from the over.  Virat Kohli 42(21), AB de Villiers 12(10)

Over 6: 58/2, 13 runs from the over as Trent boult returns. Kohli smacks a 6 and de Villiers a boundary.  Virat Kohli 36(17), AB de Villiers 10(8)

Over 5: 45/2, A boundary each by both men at crease, 10 runs from the over as Harshal Patel comes into the attack.  Virat Kohli 28(13), AB de Villiers 5(6)

Over 4: 35/2, Junior Dala serves an expensive over Kohli strike 2 boundaries and a 6. 17 runs from the over.  Virat Kohli 23(11), AB de Villiers 0(2)

Over 3: 18/2, and here goes another one, Parthiv is LBW as Lamichhane returns into the attack. 5 runs from the over including a boundary by Parthiv. AB de Villiers comes to the crease. Virat Kohli 7(5), AB de Villiers 0(2)

Over 2: 13/1,Trent Boult strikes on the first ball and knocks off Moeen, Caught by Prithvi Shaw. Virat Kohli comes to the crease. 7 runs from the over including a boundary by Virat. Parthiv Patel 2(6), Virat Kohli 6(3).

Over 1: 6/0Parthiv Patel and Moeen Ali are at the crease. Lamichhane opens the attack. Parthiv Patel 1(4), Moeen Ali 1(2)

Innings 1

Over 20: 181/4, RCB needs 182 to win. Mohammed Siraj gives 13 runs including a consecutive 6 and a 4 by Abhishek.  Vijay Shanker 21(20),  Abhishek Sharma 46(19)

Over 19: 168/4Tim Southee reins in the Delhi guys in the penultimate over and gives just 7 runs.  Vijay Shanker 19(18),  Abhishek Sharma 35(15)

Over 18: 161/4, 14 runs from the over as Abhishek manages a 6 and Shakar a boundary. Mohammed Siraj returns to the over.  Vijay Shanker 16(14), Abhishek Sharma 32(12)

Over 17: 147/4, Abhishek Sharma kills it! a boundary and two sixes consecutively. Tim Southee ends up giving 22 runs in the over.  Vijay Shanker 10(11), Abhishek Sharma 24(9)

Over 16: 125/4, Mohammed Siraj knocks Iyer on the first ball of the over, Caught by Kohli. 5 runs from the over. Abhishek Sharma comes to the crease and minces as boundary. Vijay Shanker 9(10), Abhishek Sharma 4(4)

Over 15: 120/3, 7 runs from the over as Umesh Yadav returns to the attack. Shreyas Iyer 32(34), Vijay Shanker 8(9)

Over 14: 113/3, 4 runs from the over as Chahal serves a tidy over. Vijay Shanker comes to the crease. Shreyas Iyer 30(32), Vijay Shanker 3(5)

Over 13: 109/3, oh oh Pant is gone, caught by de Villiers just after he hits a boundary. Mooen Ali  gives 8 runs from the over. Shreyas Iyer 29(31)

Over 12: 101/2, Pant snacks a six and boundary on the first two balls consecutively, completing his fifty.  Chahal fails to rein in the Delhi boys and let’s loose 14 runs. Shreyas Iyer 27(29), Rishabh Pant 56(30)

Over 11: 87/2, Pant started with a 6 and brought in 9 runs from the  Moeen Ali over Shreyas Iyer 26(28), Rishabh Pant 43(25)

Over 10: 78/2, Shreyas welcomes Colin de Grandhomme with a boundary and ends with one as well.12 runs from the over. Shreyas Iyer 25(26), Rishabh Pant 35(21)

Over 8: 62/2, 14 runs from the over including two consecutive six’s by Pant. Mohammed Siraj comes into the attack. Shreyas Iyer 13(18), Rishabh Pant 31(17)

Over 7: 48/2, 4 runs from the over as Moeen Ali comes into the attack. Shreyas Iyer 12(15), Rishabh Pant 18(14)

Over 6: 44/2, 5 runs from the over as Tim Southee returns to the attack. Shreyas Iyer 10(11), Rishabh Pant 17(12)

Over 5: 39/2, 11 runs from the over including two boundaries by Pant. Umesh Yadav returns to the attack. Shreyas Iyer 6(6), Rishabh Pant 16(11)

Over 4: 28/2, 7 runs from the over as Tim Southee comes into the attack. Shreyas Iyer 5(4), Rishabh Pant 7(7)

Over 3: 21/2, And Yuzvendra Chahal strikes again and bowled Roy. Rishabh Pant comes to the crease. Iyer minces a boundary as 6 runs come from the over. Shreyas Iyer 5(4), Rishabh Pant 1(1)

Over 2: 15/1, 11 runs from the over as Roy welcomes Umesh Yadav by a six and a boundary. Shreyas Iyer comes to the crease. Shreyas Iyer 0(0), Jason Roy 12(8)

Over 1: 4/1, Oh oh! one gone already as Shaw is bowled. Prithvi Shaw and Roy are at the crease. Yuzvendra Chahal opens the attack.  Prithvi Shaw 2(4), Jason Roy 2(2)

The Match will commence at 8:00 PM IST. Star Sports Network the official broadcast partner of the tournament will telecast the match live. You can catch the live action at Hotstar.

Match Preview

Delhi Daredevils have leaped in terms of performance after the mid season captain change from Gambhir to Shreyas Iyer. But as luck would have it, they could not survive against the chart topper SRH and lost their chance at game, even after an amazing 128 off 63 balls by Rishabh Pant.

Royal Challengers might have more at stake than DD, but in a way the fight is to ignore the last position on the points table when the playoffs begin.

With the likes of Kohli, AB de Villiers and Brendon McCullum on one side and RishabhPant, Prithvi Shaw, Jason Roy, Shreyas Iyer and Glenn Maxwell expect Delhi to witness some outstanding fireworks.

The real test is about, which bowling side performs better and bring in their team some edge.

Delhi Daredevils Playing XI

Sandeep, Dala and Abhishek are playing today.

Prithvi Shaw, Jason Roy, Shreyas Iyer(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Vijay Shankar, Harshal Patel, Abhishek Sharma, Amit Mishra, Sandeep Lamichhane, Junior Dala, Trent Boult

Royal Challengers Bangalore Playing XI

Sarfaraz Khan is in in place of Manan Vohra in the middle-order.

Parthiv Patel(w), Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers, Mandeep Singh, Moeen Ali, Sarfaraz Khan, Colin de Grandhomme, Tim Southee, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal