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IPL 2018, RCB vs MI Live Cricket Streaming: Kohli and Co. versus Rohit and Co. at Bangalore

IPL 2018 RCB vs MI

IPL 2018, RCB vs MI: Royal Challengers Bangalore invited defending champions Mumbai Indians at Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru. In an absolute topsy-turvy match, RCB won by 14 runs. Now at 5th position in the points table with 3 wins off 8 fixtures.

Match Summary

Invited by the guests to bat first RCB started off really well but as they kept loosing wicket run rate reduced. They lost 4 wickets in within 4 runs, 3 by Hardik Pandya in the 18th over and 1 by Bumrah in the penultimate over. But MI’s doom came in the last over as Mitchell McClenaghan gifted 24 runs. RCB managed to post 167/7.

MI might be able to chase the aforementioned target, but only if their batsmen stick to the crease. In the third over MI lost 3 wickets, including a second duck for the captain this season. The Pandya brothers were holding strong until Krunal was dismissed. Henceforth MI could not manage to mince the desired total.

MI required 25 runs from the last over and RCB earned 24 runs off its total in the last over of their batting inning. In a way, it was those extra runs that led to MI’s fall today. We have to RCB the credit of not falling into the pit of death overs and showcasing great bowling and fielding in the last few overs.

VIVO IPL 2018, RCB vs MI Live Cricket Streaming

Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 14 runs
Mumbai Indians won the toss and opted to field
RCB: 167/7, MI: 153/7
Innings 2

Over 20: 153/7, RCB won by 14 runs. Southee starts the over with Hardik’s 50(42) wicket, Caught by Virat. Mitchell McClenaghan comes to the crease. 10 runs from the over. Ben Cutting 12(6), Mitchell McClenaghan 0(0)

Over 19: 143/6, More trouble arrives for MI as Krunal is caught by Mandeep. Mohammed Siraj returns for his last spell and gives just 6 runs, now they need 25 runs in 6 balls. Ben Cutting comes to the crease. Hardik Pandya 48(38), Ben Cutting 2(1)

Over 18: 138/5, Mumbai Indians need 30 runs in 12 balls. A great over by Southee and RCB fields beautifully. Just 5 runs from the over. Hardik Pandya 48(38), Krunal Pandya 22(17)

Over 17: 133/5, Mumbai Indians need 35 runs in 18 balls. A boundary by Hardik saves an otherwise slow over by Mohammed Siraj. 10 runs from the over. Hardik Pandya 46(36), Krunal Pandya 19(13)

Over 16: 123/5, Mumbai Indians gets a ray of hope as between the Pandya brothers 17 runs came from the over. Now, they need 45 runs in 24 balls. Colin de Grandhomme serves a poor over.. Hardik Pandya 40(33), Krunal Pandya 16(10)

Over 15: 106/5, Mumbai Indians need 62 runs in 30 balls as 6 runs come from the over. Umesh Yadav returns to the attack. Hardik Pandya 30(30), Krunal Pandya 9(7)

Over 14: 100/5, 100 comes up for MI as  8 runs come from the over including a boundary on a wide ball. Colin de Grandhomme returns to the attack. Hardik Pandya 28(27), Krunal Pandya 5(4)

Over 13: 92/5, 8 runs from the over including a boundary by Krunal on the last ball. Yuzvendra Chahal returns to the attack. Krunal Pandya, left handed bat, comes to the crease. Hardik Pandya 26(23), Krunal Pandya 5(2)

Over 12: 84/5, just 4 runs with the loss of another wicket, Duminy 23(29) run out on the last ball. Colin de Grandhomme comes into the attack. Duminy 23(29), Hardik Pandya 25(19)

Over 11: 80/4, just 3 runs from the over as  Yuzvendra Chahal reins in the boys at the crease. Duminy 21(26), Hardik Pandya 23(16)

Over 10: 77/4Washington Sundar comes into the attack with a very expensive wicket and leaks 15 runs including a 4 and a 6 by Pandya. Duminy 20(23), Hardik Pandya 21(13)

Over 9: 62/4, 7 runs from the over as Yuzvendra Chahal returns to the attack. Pandya hammers the ball across the boundary. Duminy 18(22), Hardik Pandya 7(8)

Over 8: 55/4, OMG! Pollard is dismissed, Caught by de Kock on the 1st ball. Mohammed Siraj starts the over on a good not and gives 8 runs. A poor delivery spoils an otherwise good over as Duminy manages a boundary on the last ball. Hardik Pandya comes to the crease. Duminy 18(21), Hardik Pandya 2(3)

Over 7: 47/3, 7 runs from the over including two wides by Yuzvendra Chahal, one of which went across the boundary. Duminy 13(19), Kieron Pollard 13(12)

Over 6: 40/3, 11 runs from the over including two boundaries on the first and the last ball(major misfield). Umesh Yadav returns to the attack. Duminy 13(16), Kieron Pollard 12(9)

Over 5: 29/3, just 5 runs from the over as Mohammed Siraj comes into the attack. Duminy 12(15), Kieron Pollard 2(4)

Over 4: 24/3, Gone with the wind, Yadav is LBW and Rohit Sharma comes and leaves on a duck, Caught by de Kock. Umesh Yadav starts the over with a bang and knocks two wickets consecutively. Kieron Pollard comes to the crease. 3 runs from the over. Duminy 9(10), Kieron Pollard 1(3)

Over 3: 21/1, 5 runs from the over including a boundary by Duminy as Southee returns to the attack. Suryakumar Yadav 9(8), Duminy 9(9)

Over 2: 16/1, MI recovers with 11 runs from the over as Duminy and Yadav mince a boundary each. Jean-Paul Duminy comes to the crease. Umesh Yadav comes into the attack. Suryakumar Yadav 9(8), Duminy 5(3)

Over 1: 5/1, Oopsy! the first wicket has gone already as Ishan Kishan is Bowled on the last ball. Suryakumar Yadav and Ishan Kishan are at the crease. Southee opens the attack. Ishan Kishan 0(1) Suryakumar Yadav 5(5)

Innings 1

Over 20: 167/7, MI needs 168 runs to win. Mitchell McClenaghan serves the last over of the inning and lets loose 24 runs, including three 6’s by  Grandhomme (One on a no ball, and another on the free hit). Colin de Grandhomme 23(10), Umesh Yadav 1(2)

Over 19: 143/7, And another bites the dust as Southee is Caught by Cutting. Jasprit Bumrah serves his last over and gives just 2 runs. Umesh Yadav comes to the crease.  Colin de Grandhomme 2(5), Umesh Yadav 0(0)

Over 18: 141/6, Oh Damn two wickets from the over as Hardik Pandya strikes twice in the first two balls of the over and one in the last ball. Mandeep is Caught by Suryakumar Yadav, Kohli is Caught by Pollard,  Washington Sundar is Caught by Rohit. Colin de Grandhomme comes to the crease.  Colin de Grandhomme 1(1)

Over 17: 139/3, 10 runs from the over including a 6 by  Mandeep as Jaspreet Bumrah returns to attack. Virat Kohli 30(22), Mandeep Singh 6(5)

Over 16: 129/3, 6 runs from the over as Hardik Pandya returns to attack. Virat Kohli 30(22), Mandeep Singh 6(5)

Over 15: 123/3, oh no!! McCullum 37(25) is run out. Mandeep Singh comes to the crease. Mitchell McClenaghan returns to attack and gives just 4 runs. Virat Kohli 29(21), Mandeep Singh 1(1)

Over 14: 119/2, 7 runs from the over as Jasprit Bumrah returns to attack. Brendon McCullum 35(22), Virat Kohli 28(19)

Over 13: 112/2, 8 runs from the over including a 6 from Kohli. Krunal Pandya comes into the attack. Brendon McCullum 33(20), Virat Kohli 23(15)

Over 12: 104/2, 100 comes up for RCB as 13 runs from the over as Kohli welcomes Mayank Markande with a Boundary as well. Mc Cullum sneaks two boundaries on the last two balls. Brendon McCullum 32(17), Virat Kohli 16(12)

Over 11: 91/2,9 runs from the over as Kohli welcomes Krunal Pandya with a Boundary. Brendon McCullum 24(15), Virat Kohli 11(8)

Over 10: 82/2, McCullum takes Vohra’s role and swipes two consecutive 6’s and a boundary comes from the last ball. Hardik Pandya comes into the attack and gives 20 runs. Brendon McCullum 23(14), Virat Kohli 3(3)

Over 9: 62/2, Oh oh, Vohra 45(31) is LBW as Mayank Markande gets his first victim of the day. Just 9 runs from the over. Virat Kohli comes to the crease. Brendon McCullum 6(9), Virat Kohli 1(1)

Over 8: 53/1, Just 3 runs from the over as Krunal Pandya returns to the attack. Vohra 38(28), Brendon McCullum 5(7)

Over 7: 50/1, 50 comes up for RCB as 7 runs come from the over including a boundary by McCullum. Mayank Markande comes into the attack. Vohra 37(26), Brendon McCullum 4(3)

Over 6: 43/1, 5 runs from the over as Krunal Pandya comes into the attack. Brendon McCullum comes to the crease.  Vohra 35(23), Brendon McCullum 0(0)

Over 5: 38/1, 5 runs and 1 wicket from the over. de Kock had to leave the field as Rohit caught his sluggish shot on the last ball. Mitchell McClenaghan returns to the attack. Vohra 30(17),  de Kock 7(13)

Over 4: 33/0, RCB redeems their slow start in this over as a 4, 6, 4, 6 came consecutively on the first four balls as Vohra warms up. Duminy is milked for 22 runs in the over. Vohra 30(17),  de Kock 3(7)

Over 3: 11/0, 3 runs from the over 3rd over as Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack. Vohra 9(12),  de Kock 2(6)

Over 2: 8/0, 2 runs from the over as Mitchell McClenaghan comes into the attack. Vohra 7(9),  de Kock 1(3)

Over 1: 6/0, A Maximum from Bohra clears his today’s attention at the pitch.  Vohra and de Kock are at the crease. Duminy opens the attack. Vohra 6(6),  de Kock 0(0)

The Match will commence at 8:00 PM IST. Star Sports Network is the official broadcast partner of the tournament will telecast the match live. You can catch the live action at Hotstar.

Match Preview

Performance in Unison – Therein lies the reason of RCB’s multiple loses. If they bowl first, a mountain of runs is conceded that couldn’t be chased by their stalwarts batting line up. And no matter how many runs the batsmen post, their bowlers can’t seem to get their acts right.

Although Mumbai Indians have a similar issue and have been losing their fixtures with close margins, but their win against table-toppers Chennai Super Kings in the previous ought to give them some much-needed confidence and boost.

RCB Playing  XI

AB is still sick and not playing and Washington Sundar is back for Murugan Ashwin.

Quinton de Kock(w), Brendon McCullum, Virat Kohli(c), Manan Vohra, Mandeep Singh, Colin de Grandhomme, Washington Sundar, Tim Southee, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal

MI Probable XI

Ewin Lewis misses out as he has injured his wrist and Pollard comes in.

Suryakumar Yadav, Rohit Sharma(c), Ishan Kishan(w), Jean-Paul Duminy, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Ben Cutting, Mitchell McClenaghan, Mayank Markande, Jasprit Bumrah