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IPL 2018, RCB vs DD Live Score Streaming: Bangalore challenges Delhi’s Daredevilry

IPL 2018 RCB vs DD

IPL 2018, RCB vs DD: Two teams that have been strong throughout the decade but still could not win the coveted title even once battled at the  M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, BengaluruHost Royal Challenger Bangalore tasted a much-awaited second. In a magnificent inning majorly contributed by AB de Villiers, RCB won by 6 wickets. 

Match Summary

RCB won the toss and decided to bowl first. Delhi Daredevils lost their openers early and Umesh Yadav put the brakes on the flow of runs. Gambhir and Co. looked pretty battered by the 15th over as they barely crossed 100.  Rishabh Pant and Shreyas Iyer brought together a 50-run stand but Iyer departed after scoring 52

In the last five overs, Risha Pant 85(48) single handily tilted the match back towards them. RCB bled 71 runs from the death overs and Delhi managed to put up a target of 174/5.

RCB in its predictable ways lost Manan Vohra and Quinton de Kock cheaply but then Kohli and AB de Villiers entered the crease. Kohli went back to the pavilion due to sublime catch by Trent Boult, while de Villiers masterly managed an awe-struck 90 runs from just 39 balls. Fittingly, he ended RCB’s quest for the win with a glorious boundary earning RCB their second win of the season.

IPL 2018, RCB vs DD Live Score Streaming

Royal Challengers wins by 6 wickets

RCB won the toss and chose to Bowl

DD- 174/4, RCB – 175/4

Inning 2:

Over 18: 175/4, Royal Challengers wins by 6 wickets and 12 balls to spare. RCB fetches 13 runs in this over including two boundaries by de Villiers, which finished the remaining target. Trent Boult returns for his last spell. AB de Villiers 90(39), Mandeep Singh 17(9)

Over 17: 163/4, Royal Challengers Bangalore need 12 runs in 18 balls. Mandeep starts the over with a 6 and a 4 on the 5th ball aggregating to 14 runs in this over. Chris Morris returns to the attack. AB de Villiers 81(36), Mandeep Singh 13(6)

Over 16: 148/4, Royal Challengers Bangalore need 26 runs in 24 balls. In this over RCB 14 runs. Trent Boult returns and Anderson welcomes him with a 6, Boult returns the favor by dismissing him (bowled). Mandeep Singh comes to the crease. AB de Villiers 80(35), Mandeep Singh 1(1)

Over 15: 140/3, Royal Challengers Bangalore need 35 runs in 30 balls. In this over RCB 14 runs including consecutive 6 and a 4 from de Villiers. Chris Morris returns to the attack. AB de Villiers 79(34), Corey Anderson 8(9)

Over 14: 126/3, In this over RCB 11 runs including a 6 from de Villiers. Rahul Tewatia returns to the attack. AB de Villiers 68(30), Corey Anderson 6(7)

Over 13: 115/3, 100 comes up for RCB with 18 from this over. Harshal Patel returns to the attack and de Villiers welcomes him with a consecutive a 6 and a 4 and another one on the last ball.  Fifty comes up for AB de Villiers 60(27), Corey Anderson 3(4)

Over 12: 97/3, just 5 runs come from this over as Corey Anderson returns to the attack. Corey Anderson comes to the crease. AB de Villiers 43(22), Corey Anderson 2(3)

Over 11:92/3, Harshal Patel brings in a majestic over for DD as Kohli is dismissed on the last ball, an amazing catch by Boult. In this over RCB makes 10 Runs. Virat Kohli 30(26), AB de Villiers 40(19)

Over 10:82/2, In this over RCB makes 10 Runs. Rahul Tewatia comes into the attack. de Villiers smashes a six on the roof of Chinnaswamy. Virat Kohli 25(21), AB de Villiers 25(12)

Over 9:72/2, Harshal Patel balls an economical over by just giving 6 runs in this over. Virat Kohli 25(21), AB de Villiers 25(12)

Over 8:66/2, Kohli starts over by 4 runs and RCB aggregates 9 runs in this over. Chris Morris returns to the attack. Virat Kohli 22(18), AB de Villiers 23(9)

Over 7:57/2, In this over RCB makes 14 runs. Shahbaz Nadeem returns and de Villiers gets the better of him via three consecutive 4’s. Virat Kohli 15(14), AB de Villiers 21(7)

Over 6:43/2, In this over RCB makes 6 runs. Chris Morris serves 5 dot balls but Kohli takes his thunder by striking 6. Virat Kohli 14(12), AB de Villiers 8(3)

Over  5: 37/2, In this over RCB makes 13 runs and losses another wicket. Shahbaz Nadeem returns to the attack and dismisses de Kock as he is run out. Kohli gear up with a boundary. AB de Villiers comes to the crease and knocks two boundaries. Virat Kohli 8(6), AB de Villiers 8(3)

Over  4: 24/1, In this over RCB makes 9 runs including a 6 by de Kock. Glenn Maxwell returns to the attack. de Kock 17(15), Virat Kohli 4(4)

Over  3: 15/1, In this over RCB makes 6 runs. Virat Kohli comes to the crease. Trent Boult comes into the attack. de Kock 9(10), Virat Kohli 3(3)

Over  2: 9/1, RCB faces its first hurdle as Vohra departs, Caught by Roy. Glenn Maxwell just allows 4 runs in the over. Vohra 2(5),  de Kock 6(7)

Over  1: 5/0, RCB started off well with a boundary by de Kock. de Kock and Vohra are at the crease. Boult opens the attack. Vohra 0(1),  de Kock 5(5)

Inning 1:

Over  20: 174/4, RCB needs 175 runs to win. With 11 runs from this over DD managed an astonishing 174 runs. Corey Anderson serves his first over and Innings last over. taking Pant’s wicket. Risha Pant 85(48) is Caught by de Villiers. Chris Morris comes to the crease. Rahul Tewatia 9(6), Chris Morris 0(0)

Over 19: 164/4, In this over DD minces 18 runs. Chris Woakes serves an expensive last spell. Pant swipes a six on the first ball and follows up with three consecutive boundaries on last three balls. Risha Pant 79(45), Rahul Tewatia 9(6)

Over 18: 145/4, With two 6’s from Pant, DD flings 15 runs in this over.Mohammed Siraj returns to the attack. Risha Pant 65(39), Rahul Tewatia 9(6)

Over 17: 130/4, DD is finally picking up as Rahul starts the over with a boundary. Chris Woakes returns and lets 13 runs lose in this over. Rahul manages another boundary and Pant follows with another on the last ball completing his fifty.  Risha Pant 52(34), Rahul Tewatia 9(5)

Over 16: 117/4Chahal returns to the attack and knocks off another wicket for DD, although he ends up giving 14 runs in this over. Maxwell is Caught by Siraj. Pant Gears by sweeping 2 consecutive 6’s. Rahul Tewatia comes to the crease. Risha Pant 48(33), Rahul Tewatia 0(0)

Over 15: 103/3, 100 finally comes up for DD with 8 runs from this over. Mohammed Siraj returns to the attack. Risha Pant 35(29), Glenn Maxwell 3(4)

Over 14: 98/3, In this over DD makes 14 runs. Washington Sundar is welcomed with two massive consecutive sixes, also bringing up his Fifty off 29 balls. Sundar returns the favor by dismissing him, as he is Caught by Siraj. Glenn Maxwell comes to the crease. Risha Pant 34(26), Glenn Maxwell 0(1)

Over 13: 84/2, In this over DD makes 12 runs including a boundary by Shreyas and a 6 by pant. Mohammed Siraj returns to the attack. Shreyas Iyer 39(27), Rishab Pant 33(25)

Over 12: 72/2, In this over DD makes just 6 runs. Washington Sundar returns to the attack. Shreyas Iyer 34(23), Rishab Pant 26(23)

Over 11: 66/2Chris Woakes returns to the attack and slip 8 runs in this over. Pant sweeps a boundary on the last ball. Shreyas Iyer 31(20), Rishab Pant 24(20)

Over 10: 58/2, In this over DD makes 5 runs including a boundary from pant. Washington Sundar returns to the attack. Shreyas Iyer 30(19), Rishab Pant 17 (15)

Over 9: 53/2, In this over DD makes 14 runs including a boundary from pant. Umesh Yadav returns for his last over and gives an expensive one. Shreyas took charge in this over and swiped away a six and a boundary. Shreyas Iyer 28(17), Rishab Pant 14 (11)

Over 8: 39/2, In this over DD makes 7 runs including a boundary from pant. Washington Sundar comes into the attack.Shreyas Iyer 16(13), Rishab Pant 12 (9)

Over 7: 32/2, Another slow over for DD as they make only 4 runs. Mohammed Siraj comes into the attack.Shreyas Iyer 14(11), Risha Pant 7 (5)

Over 6: 28/2, DD makes the lowest powerplay score in 19 matches so far in IPL 2018 as they manage 6 runs in this over. Chahal delivers an economical over and  Bowled Roy as well. Rishabh Pant comes to the crease. Shreyas Iyer 12(8), Risha Pant 5 (2)

Over 5: 22/1, DD managed 11 runs in this over. Umesh Yadav delivers an expensive over with two boundaries from Shreyas. Jason Roy 5 (14), Shreyas Iyer 11(6)

Over 4: 11/1, DD managed 3 runs in this over. Chahal comes into the attack. Jason Roy 4(13), Shreyas Iyer 1(1)

Over 3: 8/1, the first wicket goes for DD and they made only 1 runs in this over. Umesh Yadav returns and successfully dismisses Gambhir as he is Caught by Chahal. Shreyas Iyer comes to the crease. Jason Roy 4(8), Shreyas Iyer 0(0)

Over 2: 7/0, In this over DD makes 6 runs. Chris Woakes comes into the attack. Jason Roy 3(4), Gautam Gambhir 3(8)

Over 1: 1/0, DD starts with just 1 run. Roy and Gambhir are at the crease. Umesh Yadav opens the attack. Jason Roy 1(2), Gautam Gambhir 0(4)

The match will commence at 8:00 pm IST, Star Sports the official broadcast partner will telecast the match live. You can even watch the live match online on Hotstar as well.

Match Preview 

The bowling woes of Bangalore is slightly more pronounced than DD’s. In two out of three losses, RCB had to go after targets in excess of 200. Even with Virat Kohli mincing 200 odd runs till now, the win was out of reach.  DD defeats can also be attributed to inconsistent bowling performances.

With a relatively small ground at Bangalore and two big-hitting top-orders, some fireworks can be surely expected. Baring anyone of them could stick to the crease, all pun intended.

As far as results are concerned it will come down to the nitty-gritty of bowling attack.

RCB Probable XI

Quinton de Kock(w), Manan Vohra, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers, Mandeep Singh, Corey Anderson, Washington Sundar, Chris Woakes, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal

DD Probable XI

Gautam Gambhir(c), Jason Roy, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant(w), Glenn Maxwell, Rahul Tewatia, Vijay Shankar, Chris Morris, Shahbaz Nadeem, Harshal Patel, Trent Boult