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IPL 2018 Cricket Score, SRH vs KXIP: It’s the Eagles vs. the Lions today at Hyderabad.

IPL 2018 SRH vs KXIP 2

IPL 2018 Cricket Score, SRH vs KXIP: Both the teams of Match no. 25 of Indian Premier league were bustling with confidence, comong from their previous wins. Kings XI Punjab and Sunrisers Hyderabad fought for second place on the points table and SRH took the win by 13 runs.

Match Summary

Invited by their guests to bat first SRH was at a low point from the start as they kept losing wickets. As Ankit Rajpoot took 5 wickets out the 6 that SRH lost. Hyderabad  posted a target  of 132 runs for Punjab.

Punjab had maestro’s in their batting line up and SRH knew exactly how to knock them off. Even with a simple target, Punjab’s batsmen could not stick to the crease. Rashid Khan proceed his worth yet again as he took 3 wickets and have 19 runs in for overs. Kaul, Basil, and Sandeep knocked two wickets each.

With 15 run required from the over Williamson gave Basil Thampi the responsibility. He Grace’s his team and Captain as he bowls Ankit  Rajpoot and wins the match for them as KXIP was all out 13 run short of the target.

Did we just had a dejavu as KXIP suffered a very similar defeat to MI in their last match against SRH.

IPL 2018 Cricket Score, SRH vs KXIP

SRH won by 13 runs
Kings XI Punjab opt to bowl

SRH – 132/6, KXIP 119 – all out

Inning 2:

Over 20: 119 all out,SRH won by 13 runs. With 15 run required from the over Williamson gave Basil Thampi the responsibility. He Grace’s his team and Captain as he bowls Ankit  Rajpoot and wins the match for them.

KXIP needs 15 runs from the last over. Siddarth Kaul lets loose 8 runsr in the over. Ankit Rajpoot 8(8), Mujeeb 10(4)

Over 19: 118/9, KXIP needs 15 runs from the last over. Siddarth Kaul lets loose 8 runsr in the over. Ankit Rajpoot 8(8), Mujeeb 10(4)

Over 18: 110/9, CATASTROPHICAL for KXIP as Ashwin leaves as well, caught by Williamson.  Rashid Khan is to KXIP what Rajpoot was to SRH today.  Mujeeb UR Rahman comes to the crease and hits 2 consecutive boundaries. 10 runs came off the over. Ankit Rajpoot 3(4), Mujeeb 8(2)

Over 17: 100/8, No no no NO NO!! Another wicket this time Barinder gets Run Out. Siddarth Kaul serves a good over. Ankit Rajpoot comes to the crease. 2 runs came off the over. Ravichandran Ashwin 4(5), Ankit Rajpoot 2(1)

Over 16: 97/7, With the target of just 36 runs in 24 balls, KXIP has lost more than half their wickets. This time Sandeep Sharma takes the cake with two as Tiwary is Caught by Williamson and Tye gets LBW on his second ball after he hits a boundary. Barinder Sran comes to the crease. 6 runs came off the over. Ravichandran Ashwin 3(4), Barinder Sran 1(1)

Over 15: 92/5, KXIP is losing their grip on the match as Shakib Al Hasan takes his next victim in Finch as just after a 6 on the first ball, he is Caught by Manish Pandey. Ravichandran Ashwin comes to the crease. With 9 runs from the over and a new batsman, Kings XI Punjab needs  42 runs in 30 balls. Manoj Tiwary 1(3),  Ravichandran Ashwin 2(3)

Over 14: 82/4, An OOUch moment for KXIP, as Rashid Khan did not miss this time and gets Nair, LBW. Manoj Tiwary comes to the crease. With just 2 runs from the over and two new batsmen on the crease, Kings XI Punjab needs  51 runs in 36 balls. Aaron Finch 2(2), Manoj Tiwary 0(2)

Over 13: 80/3, Shakib Al Hasan does the job for SRH as Mayank is Caught by Manish Pandey. Aaron Finch comes to the crease. With 3 runs from the over, Kings XI Punjab needs 53 runs in 42 balls. Karun Nair 10(10), Aaron Finch 1(1)

Over 12: 77/2, Rashid Khan returns but leaves without a wicket and just 4 runs from the over. Kings XI Punjab need 56 runs in 48 balls Mayank Agarwal 12(14), Karun Nair 10(10)

Over 11: 73/2, Kings XI Punjab need 60 runs in 54 balls as 6 runs come from Siddarth Kaul’s over. Mayank Agarwal 10(11), Karun Nair 8(7)

Over 10: 67/2, 6 runs from the over as Shakib Al Hasan comes into the attack. Mayank Agarwal 6(7), Karun Nair 6(5)

Over 9: 61/2, OMG!! Gayle 23(22) is goneCaught & Bowled by Thampi. Just 5 runs from the over Karun Nair comes to the crease. Mayank Agarwal 5(5), Karun Nair 1(1)

Over 8: 56/1, SRH brings their ace as Rashid Khan comes into the attack and it works wonderfully as he bowled Rahul. Just 3 runs from the over Mayank Agarwal comes to the crease. Chris Gayle 23(21), Mayank Agarwal 1(1)

Over 6: 44/0, Rahul sweeps another boundary and Gayle joins him with one of his as KXIP collected 9 runs from the over.  Siddarth Kaul comes into the attack.  Chris Gayle 15(15), Lokesh Rahul 29(21)

Over 5: 35/0, KXIP is comfortable for now as Rahul is on fire. He sweeps another boundary as Sandeep Sharma returns to the attack. 5 runs come from this over. Chris Gayle 11(13), Lokesh Rahul 24(17)

Over 4: 30/0, Rahul sweeps a 6 and two 4’s consecutively as he milks Mohammad Nabi for runs. 16 runs come from this over. Chris Gayle 11(12), Lokesh Rahul 19(12)

Over 3: 14/0, 4 runs come from the over as Sandeep Sharma returns to the attack. Chris Gayle 10(10), Lokesh Rahul 4(8)

Over 2: 8/0Gayle hits a six as KXIP collects 8 runs from the over. Mohammad Nabi comes into the attack. Chris Gayle 8(8), Lokesh Rahul 2(4)

Over 1: 2/0, KXIP starts slows with just 2 runs. Rahul and Gayle are at the crease. Sandeep Sharma opens the attack. Chris Gayle 0(2), Lokesh Rahul 1(3)

Inning 1:

Over 20: 132/6, KXIP needs 133 runs to win. Rajpoot strikes again as he bowled Pandey 54(51) and Nabi is gone on the last ball, Caught by Mayank Agarwal. Yusuf Pathan 21(19)

Over 19: 126/4, Pathan and Manish sweeps a boundary each earning 9 runs from the over. Andrew tye comes into the attack. Manish Pandey 53(49), Yusuf Pathan 21(17)

Over 18: 117/4, Pathan hits a six taking 13 runs from the over. Ashwin bowls an expensive over. Manish Pandey 48(46), Yusuf Pathan 17(14)

Over 17: 104/4, 100 comes up for SRH as 5 runs come from the over. Andrew Tye could have earned a wicket if not misfield. Manish Pandey 47(45), Yusuf Pathan 5(9)

Over 16: 99/4, SRH rhythm is disturbed by Mujeeb Ur Rahman with just 2 runs from the over. Manish Pandey 43(40), Yusuf Pathan 4(8)

Over 15: 97/4, A boundary and Six by Pandey helps SRH to make 14 runs from the over. Ashwin comes into the attack. Manish Pandey 43(40), Yusuf Pathan 2(2)

Over 14: 83/4, Gone! Another wicket for SRH as Shakib, Caught by Mayank Agarwal.  Mujeeb Ur Rahman takes the wicket and lets loose 7 wickets. Yusuf Pathan comes to the crease. Manish Pandey 30(35), Yusuf Pathan 1(1)

Over 13: 76/3, A much-required boundary comes for SRH as Shakib sweeps Andrew Tye’s ball with 9 runs from the over. Manish Pandey 27(32), Shakib 27(27).

Over 12: 67/3, Another 5 run over this time by Mujeeb Ur Rahman. Manish Pandey 25(30), Shakib 20(23).

Over 11: 62/3, SRH is moving slowly with just 5 runs. Andrew Tye comes into the attack. Manish Pandey 21(25), Shakib 19(22).

Over 10: 57/3, Mujeeb Ur Rahman starts with a tidy over with just 3 runs. Manish Pandey 17(20), Shakib 18(21).

Over 9: 54/3, Just 4 runs from the over as Ashwin reins in the batsmen. Manish Pandey 15(18), Shakib 17(17).

Over 8: 50/3, Fifty comes up for SRH as Manoj Tiwary lets loose 10 runs. Manish Pandey 12(14), Shakib 16(15).

Over 7: 40/3, Ashwin comes into the attack and give just 3 runs in the over.  Manish Pandey 10(12), Shakib 11(11).

Over 6: 37/3, Barinder seems to be playing for the opposite team again, a no-ball spares Shakib and then he manages two boundaries to celebrates. Manish Pandey 9(11) and Shakib 9(6) makes 10 runs in this over.

Over 5: 27/3, Rajpoot is the ‘Yamraj,’ for SRH as Saha leaves the crease, Caught by Andrew Tye. If only fielding was tight Rajpoot would have 2 wickets with just 4 runs. Shakib Al Hasan comes to the crease. Manish Pandey 9(10),  Shakib 0(0)

Over 4: 23/2, Manish sweeps a boundary contributing 7 runs from the over. Barinder Sran returns to the attack. Manish Pandey 6(7), Saha 5(6)

Over 3: 16/2, Dhawan leaves the pitch as well, bringing in some more bad news for SRH. Rajpoot strikes again and lets loose just 4 runs in this over. Manish Pandey comes to the crease. Manish Pandey 0(4), Saha 4(3)

Over 2: 11/1Barinder Sran, helps SRH recover by serving an expensive over with 11 runs from it. Dhawan and Saha sweep a boundary. Saha 4(3) Dhawan 7(6)

Over 1: 1/1, With the loss of one of their pillar – captain Williamson 0(3), Caught by Ashwin – his first duck of IPL; SRH made an OHK start. Dhawan and Williamson are at the crease.  Rajpoot opens the attack. Wriddhiman Saha comes to the crease.  Saha 0(2) Dhawan 1(1)

The Match will commence at 8:00 PM IST. Star Sports Network is the official broadcast partner of the tournament will telecast the match live. You can catch the live action at Hotstar.

Match Preview

Although Punjab has five wins out of six games, they aren’t looking invincible. Gayle and KL Rahul usually give them strong starts but middle order guys Aaron Finch and Yuvraj Singh are failing to continue the momentum. In fact, Gayle’s absence in the previous game against Delhi Daredevils due to soreness had Punjab scrambling for runs. With a strong Bowling side, SRH has noted the same.

But in the same match with DD, Punjab’s bowling came into their own. Their team on paper is more balanced than the hosts. SRH’s batting line can’t set or chase a big target. Although their bowling has won them pretty much every game so far, they’ll need to make sure that support from the bat also comes in.

SRH Probable XI 

 Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson(c), Wriddhiman Saha(w), Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Yusuf Pathan, Mohammad Nabi, Rashid Khan, Basil Thampi, Siddarth Kaul, Sandeep Sharma

KXIP Probable XI

Gayle comes in and Yuvraj is replaced with Manoj Tiwary

Lokesh Rahul(w), Chris Gayle, Mayank Agarwal, Karun Nair, Aaron Finch, Manoj Tiwary, Ravichandran Ashwin(c), Andrew Tye, Barinder Sran, Ankit Rajpoot, Mujeeb Ur Rahman