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IPL 2018, Cricket Score RR vs KXIP: Rajasthan Royals took the victory by 15 runs

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IPL 2018, RR vs KXIP: Contrary to their opponent of the day Kings XI Punjab, Rajasthan Royals haven’t had a great time in the tournament. This match at Sawai Man Singh stadium, Jaipur was a must win for the home team. And they did win, in a nail biting finish Rajasthan won by 15 runs.  

Match Summary

KXIP won the toss and opted to field. It was clear from the start that RR was all set with pulled up socks to take the match home. An amazing 82 off 58 balls Jos Buttler gave the host a heady start, but as soon as he left thing went into a downward spiral. a catastrophic bowling by Andrew Tye knocked 4 wickets, 3 in the last over and limited RR – 158/8.

While KXIP bowling front shined today their batting front failed. With Gayle, Ashwin and Nair gone during the powerplay, KL Rahul shouldered the responsibility but none of the middle order batsmen could help him out. Although Rahul remained not out and scored 95 off 70 balls, he could not take his team to victory. Falling short of 15 runs, KXIP accepted via RR’s hand. A special mention for RR’s bowling side today, they indeed did wonders for their team today.

IPL 2018, RR vs KXIP Live Score Streaming 

Rajasthan Royals won by 15 runs
Rajasthan Royals won the toss and opted to bat
RR – 158/8, KXIP – 143/7
Inning 2 

Over 20: 143/7, RR won the match by 15 runs. Jaydev Undakat takes a wicket on the first ball. Stoinis is caught by Gowtham, Andrew Tye comes to the crease. Rahul hits a six and two boundary but fell 15 runs short. Rahul 95(70), Andrew Tye 1(1)

Over 19: 127/6, Kings XI Punjab need 32 runs in 6 balls. Rahul manages three consecutive boundaries. 16 runs from the over as Jofra Archer returns for the penultimate over. Rahul 81(65), Marcus Stoinis 11(15)

Over 18: 111/6, Kings XI Punjab need  48 runs in 12 balls. Rahul starts the over with a boundary. 9 runs from the over as Jaydev Undakat returns to the attack. Rahul 66(60), Marcus Stoinis 10(14)

Over 17: 102/6, Finally a 100 comes up for Kings XI Punjab. They need 57 runs in 18 balls. 4 runs from the over as Jofra Archer returns to the attack. Rahul 60(57), Marcus Stoinis 7(11)

Over 16: 98/6, Kings XI Punjab need 61 runs in 24 balls. 6 runs from the over as Jaydev Unadkat returns to the attack. Rahul 58(55), Marcus Stoinis 5(7)

Over 15: 92/6, Kings XI Punjab need 67 runs in 30 balls. 6 runs from the over as Ish Sodhi returns for his last spell. Rahul 54(52), Marcus Stoinis 3(4)

Over 14: 86/6, No!! Axar gets run out. 12 runs from the over as Rahul sends the last ball across the boundary. Anureet Singh comes into the attack. Marcus Stoinis comes to the crease. Rahul 50(48), Marcus Stoinis 1(2)

Over 13: 74/5, recovering from the loss quickly, Rahul starts the over with a boundary. Gowtham lets loose 8 runs in the over. Axar Patel comes to the crease.  Rahul 44(43), Axar Patel 2(2)

Over 12: 66/5, Bad news for KXIP as Tiwary is caught by Rahane on the last ball. Ben Stokes serves a good over with just 5 runs from it.  Rahul 44(43), Manoj Tiwary 7(8)

Over 11: 61/4,6 runs from the over as Ish Sodhi returns to the attack. Rahul 40(40), Manoj Tiwary 6(5)

Over 10: 55/4, Rahul starts the over with a boundary as 10 runs come from the Mahipal Lomror over. Manoj Tiwary comes to the creaseRahul 39(37), Manoj Tiwary 2(2)

Over 9: 45/4, Opsy! Nath got Caught by Gowtham as Ish Sodhi returns to the attackand gives just 1 run from the over. Rahul 31(33), Akshdeep Nath 9(13)

Over 8: 44/3, 9 runs from the over including a boundary by Nath. Mahipal Lomror comes into the attack. Rahul 30(29), Akshdeep Nath 9(11)

Over 7: 35/3, Just 2 runs from the over as Ish Sodhi comes into the attack. Rahul 28(27), Akshdeep Nath 2(7)

33/3 is the lowest powerplay score by KXIP this season

Over 6: 33/3, 8 runs from the over as Rahul welcomes Ben Stokes with 4 and another one on 5th ball. Rahul 27(25), Akshdeep Nath 1(3)

Over 5: 25/3, 5 runs from the over as Jaydev Undakat come into the attack. Rahul 19(19), Akshdeep Nath 1(3)

Over 4: 20/3, Another one bites the dust as Nair is Caught by Unadkat. Jofra Archer takes his first victim and give just 3 runs from the over. Akshdeep Nath comes to the crease. Rahul 15(15), Akshdeep Nath 0(1)

Over 3: 17/2, Oh oh!! KXIP falls into a deep pit as they loose two wickets. Gayle is stumped and Ashwin is bowled as Gowtham strikes twice and gives just 4 overs. Karun Nair comes to the crease. Rahul 13(13), Karun Nair 2(2)

Over 2: 13/0, 9 runs from the over as Rahul smacks a 6. Jofra Archer comes into the attack. Rahul 12(11), Gayle 1(1)

Over 1:4/0Rahul and Gayle are at the crease.  Gowtham opens the attack. Rahul 4(6), Gayle 0(0)

Inning 1

Over 20: 158/8, KXIP needs 159 runs to win. Just 6 runs from the over. Andrew Tye starts the last over with a wicket, stokes, Caught by Ashwin. Jofra Archer come and leaves, Caught by Manoj Tiwary and Unadkat also leaves on the last ball, Caught by Nair. Mahipal Lomros 9(9), Unadkat 0(1)

Over 19: 152/5,  5 runs for RR as Mohit Sharma serves the penultimate over. Mahipal Lomror comes to the crease Ben Stokes 14(10), Mahipal Lomros 3(6)

Over 18: 147/5,  14 runs and another wicket from the over.  Andrew Tye returns to the attack. Binny smacks a 6 and then gets run out on the last ball. Ben Stokes 13(9), Stuart Binny 11(7)

Over 17: 133/4,  Mujeeb Ur Rahman strikes again and bowled the very important Buttler 82(58). Stuart Binny comes to the crease. Just 2 runs from the over.  Ben Stokes 9(7), Stuart Binny 1(3)

Over 16: 131/3, Stokes welcomes Ravichandran Ashwin with a boundary as 11 runs from the over. Jos Buttler 82(57), Ben Stokes 8(5)

Over 15: 120/3, oh oh! just as the Samson was just gearing up when Mujeeb Ur Rahman strikes, Caught by Manoj Tiwary. Ben Stokes comes to the crease. 5 runs from the over. Jos Buttler 77(54), Ben Stokes 2(2)

Over 14: 115/2, Samson starts the over with a 6 and then a boundary as Ravichandran Ashwin couldn’t rein in this time. 13 runs from the over. Jos Buttler 75(52), Sanju Samson 21(16)

Over 13: 102/2,6 runs from the over as Mujeeb Ur Rahman returns to the attack. Jos Buttler 74(51), Sanju Samson 9(11)

Over 12: 96/2Ravichandran Ashwin reins in the men at crease and leaks just 5 runs from the over. Jos Buttler 70(47), Sanju Samson 8(9)

Over 11: 91/2, 9 runs from the over including a boundary by Buttler. Axar Patel returns to the attack. Jos Buttler 67(44), Sanju Samson 6(6)

Over 10: 82/2, 9 runs from the over including a boundary by Buttler. Mujeeb Ur Rahman comes into the attack. Jos Buttler 60(39), Sanju Samson 4(5)

Over 9: 73/2, Axar Patel serves an excellent over with just 1 run of it. Jos Buttler 52(34), Sanju Samson 3(4)

Over 8: 72/2, 50 comes up for Buttler off 27 balls. Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the attack and serves a tidy one with 5 runs from it. Jos Buttler 48(25), Sanju Samson 1(1)

Over 7: 67/2, Gowthan leaves for the pavilion, Caught by Manoj Tiwary. Marcus Stoinis returns to the attack and gives just 4 runs from it. Sanju Samson comes to the crease. Jos Buttler 48(25), Sanju Samson 1(1)

Over 6: 63/1, Buttler smacks two consecutive boundaries as Andrew Tye returns to the attack. 11 runs from the over. Jos Buttler 45(22), Krishnappa Gowtham 8(4)

Over 5: 52/1, Buttler smacks a boundary and Gowtham a six garnering 14 runs from it. Mohit Sharma returns to the attack. Jos Buttler 35(17), Krishnappa Gowtham 7(3)

Over 4: 38/1, RR loses its first wicket as Rahane, Caught by Akshdeep Nath. Andrew Tye starts with a good over with 3 runs from it. Krishnappa Gowtham comes to the crease. Jos Buttler 29(13), Krishnappa Gowtham 0(1)

Over 3: 35/0, 10 runs from the over as Buttler and Rahane each smacks a boundary. Mohit Sharma comes into the attack. Jos Buttler 27(11), Ajinkya Rahane 8(7)

Over 2: 25/0, Buttler smacks a 4 and a 6 taking 14 runs from the over as Axar Patel comes into the attack. Jos Buttler 22(9), Ajinkya Rahane 3(3)

Over 1: 11/0, A good start for RR as Butller thumps two boundaries.  Rahane and Buttler are at the crease. Stoinis opens the attack. Jos Buttler 10(5), Ajinkya Rahane 1(1)

Match Preview

After some ups and down Ashwin has finally found the balanced XI that has found its way into winning 6 matches off 9 so far. Just a win or two away from the payoffs.

With Gayle and KL Rahul as the perfect openers and good middle order with Mayank Agarwal, Karun Nair, Axar Patel, and Marcus Stoinis KXIP has a set batting line up. Their bowling too has the variety with captain R Ashwin, spinner Axar Patel and the new sensation from Afghanistan, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, proving more than handful for the opponent.

Unfortunately that is not the case with the hosts, their expensive buys at the auction has failed them game after game. RR’s batting performance have been below average as Ben Stokes. Rahul Tripathi and Ajinkya Rahane failed to bring in some runs or stick to the crease. Similar is the case with the ball as barring Jofra Archer none of the men have bowled really well.

Rajasthan Royals Playing XI 

Three changed in RR XI – Mahipal Lomror, Stuart Binny and Ish Sodhi come in.

Jos Buttler(w), Ajinkya Rahane(c), Sanju Samson, Ben Stokes, Stuart Binny, Mahipal Lomror, Jofra Archer, Krishnappa Gowtham, Jaydev Unadkat, Ish Sodhi, Anureet Singh

Kings XI Punjab Probable XI

Two changes – Akshdeep Nath comes in for Mayank Agarwal and Mohit Sharma comes back in for Ankit Rajpoot.

Lokesh Rahul(w), Chris Gayle, Akshdeep Nath, Karun Nair, Axar Patel, Marcus Stoinis, Manoj Tiwary, Ravichandran Ashwin(c), Andrew Tye, Mohit Sharma, Mujeeb Ur Rahman