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IPL 2018, KKR vs KXIP Live Score Streaming: Both Kolkata and Punjab wants to continue Winning Spree

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IPL 2018, KKR vs KXIP: Kolkata Knight Riders hosted Kings XI Punjab for a battle at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata. The home team and the guests both were rooting for a third consecutive win, but KXIP took the cake. Kings XI Punjab won by 9 wkts (DLS method)

Match Summary

Kings XI Punjab won the toss and opted to bowl. Chris Lynn’s 74 runs from 41 balls and an impressive 43 from 28 balls by Captain Dinesh Karthik steered KKR to a strong 191 run total. On the bowling side, Barinder Sran and Andrew Tye picked two wickets. But Sran was equally expensive as he gave 50 runs from his four overs.

We expected Chris Gayle and KL Rahul to ease KXIP target to some extent in the power over, but these two presented a ferocious start and were 96/0 in 8.2 overs. Rain interrupted their play and the game and the target was revised to 125 runs in 13 overs. With 9 wickets in hand and Gayle and Rahul leading, the new target was hardly a cause of concern for KXIP. Gayle remained unbeaten on 62 off just 38 balls, while Rahul minced 60 runs off 27 balls. In the end, The ‘universe boss,’ finished off with a stylish 6.

With this win Kings XI Punjab have not only won their third consecutive match but have also climbed to the top of the points table.

IPL 2018, KKR vs KXIP Live Score Streaming

Kings XI Punjab won by 9 wkts (DLS method)

Kings XI Punjab opt to bowl

KKR: 191/7

125 is the target for KXIP. So that means they only need 29 runs from 28 balls. Easy peasy!

Innings 2:

12.1: 126/1, KXIP won the match by 9 wickets. Tom Curran bowls the last ball and Gayle scores a 6 winning the match for his team.

Over 11: 120/1, In this Over KXIP makes just 3 runs. Shivam Mavi returns to the attack. Kings XI Punjab needs 5 runs in 12 balls (Reduced to 13 overs due to rain). Chris Gayle 56(37), Mayank Agarwal 2(2)

Over 10: 117/1, Rahul also starts this over with a six and completes his 50 off 24. Rahul makes 2 more consecutive boundaries and unfortunately, he is caught by Tom Curran. KXIP garners 15 runs in this over.  Sunil Narine returns to the attack. Mayank Agarwal comes to the crease. Chris Gayle 55(32), Mayank Agarwal 1(1)

 Over 9: 108/0, Gayle hits a six on the first ball after the rain, taking KXIP to 100 and himself to 55 off 27 balls. Piyush Sharma continued the attack. Lokesh Rahul 46(23), Chris Gayle 55(31)

Over 8.2: 96/0, Rain Interrupts the rain. Piyush Chawla returns to the attack. Lokesh Rahul 46(23), Chris Gayle 43(26)

Over 8: 89/0, In this over KXIP makes 3 runsSunil Narine returns to the attack with a tidy over. Lokesh Rahul 45(22), Chris Gayle 43(26)

Over 7: 86/0, In this over KXIP makes 13 runs Kuldeep Yadav comes into the attack and Rahul welcomes him by a boundary. Gayle follows with spectacular six and becomes the top contender of Orange cap. Lokesh Rahul 43(17), Chris Gayle 42(25)

Over 6: 73/0, In this over KXIP makes 11 runs Piyush Chawla comes into the attack and Rahul manages to send two balls over the boundary. Lokesh Rahul 37(14), Chris Gayle 35(22)

Over 5: 62/0, In this over KXIP makes 5 runs as Gayle manages a 4.  Sunil Narine serves a much required tidy over. Lokesh Rahul 27(10), Chris Gayle 34(20)

Over 4: 57/0, In this over KXIP makes 18 runs as Gayle sends two balls across the boundary and Rahul manages a six. Andre Russel returns and Gayle welcomes with a six than backs it up with a consecutive 4 and a 6. Lokesh Rahul 26(9), Chris Gayle 30(14)

Over 3: 39/0, In this over KXIP makes 17 runs as Gayle sends two balls across the boundary and Rahul manages a six. Shivam Mahi returns to the attack. Lokesh Rahul 25(8), Chris Gayle 13(10)

Over 2: 22/0, In this over KXIP sweeps 13 runs as Rahul again sends the first two ball across the boundary and Gayle joins in with another one. Andre Russell comes into the attack. Lokesh Rahul 18(6), Chris Gayle 4(6)

Over 1: 9/0 KXIP starts aggressively with 9 runs as Rahul sends the first two ball across the boundary. Rahul and Gayle are at the crease. Young Shivam Mavi opens the attack. Lokesh Rahul 9(3), Chris Gayle 0(3)

Innings 1:

Over 20: 191/7, KXIP needs 192 runs to win. In this over KKR 5 runs. Andrew Tye manages to dismiss Tom Curran (Caught by Rajpoot). Piyush Chawla comes to the crease Shubham Gill 14(8), Piyush Chawla 2(2)

Over 19: 186/6, In this over KKR just manages just 6 runs Karthik is dismissed, Caught by Andrew Tye. Barinder delivers a tidy overTom Curran comes to the crease. Shubham Gill 10(4), Tom Curran 1(1)

Over 18: 180/5, In this over KKR  maintains run rate with 17 runs. Rajpoot is milked for boundaries first by Karthik and later by Shubham. Dinesh Karthik 41(25), Shubham Gill 10(4)

Over 17: 163/5, Another wicket that stops KKR’s speed. Russel started off well with two consecutive boundaries but soon he is  Caught by Nair. Barinder takes a wicket but gave 15 runs in this over.Shubman Gill comes to the crease and starts his inning with a boundary. Dinesh Karthik 32(22), Shubman Gill 4(1)

Over 16: 154/4, In this over KKR loses an important wicket of Lynn as he is Caught by Rahul. Andrew Tye bowls a fine over by giving just 2 runs. Andre Russell comes to the crease. Dinesh Karthik 31(23), Andre Russell 1(3)

Over 15: 146/3,  In this over KKR makes 10 runs. Ashwin starts the over with a wide. Lynn Manages to swipe a ball across the boundaryChris Lynn 74(40), Dinesh Karthik 30(19)

Over 14: 136/3,  In this over KKR makes 9 runs including a boundary by Karthik on the first ball. Mujeeb returns to the attack. Chris Lynn 67(37), Dinesh Karthik 28(16)

Over 13: 127/3,  In this over KKR  added 15 runs. Andrew Tye delivers another expensive over as Lynn hits a smashing 6 and a crackling 4. Chris Lynn 64(34), Dinesh Karthik 22(13)

Over 12: 112/3,  100 comes up for KKR with the contribution of 13 runs in this over. Yuvraj was welcomed by Karthik with a boundary and Lynn follows suit. Fifty comes up for Chris Lynn 51(30), Dinesh Karthik 20(11)

Over 11: 99/3,  Karthik brings KKR on track with two consecutive boundaries amounting to 13 runs in this over. Ashwin lost the control of the over.Chris Lynn 44(27), Dinesh Karthik 14(8)

Over 10: 86/3, Another wicket for KKR as Rana 2(2) is Run out. Mujeeb Ur Rahman bowled a fine over by just giving 3 runs. Dinesh Karthik comes to the crease. Chris Lynn 44(27), Dinesh Karthik 1(2)

Over 9: 83/2, After a fiery over KKR loses a wicket and manages just 5 runs. Ashwin returns for some damage control and flicks Uthappa’s 34(23) wicket on the first ball as he is Caught by Nair. Nitish Rana comes to the crease. Chris Lynn 43(26), Nitish Rana 2(2)

Over 8: 78/1, This over KKR was on fire and garners 23 runs. Barinder Sran is welcomed by a six from Uthappa.Lynn followed with a 4, and two 6’s. Chris Lynn 40(23), Robin Uthappa 34(22)

Over 7: 55/1, In this over KKR just managed 5. Ashwin comes into the attack with a tidy over. Chris Lynn 24(19), Robin Uthappa 27(20)

Over 6: 50/1, In this over KKR makes 8 runs. Andrew Tye starts with a No Ball. Uthappa sends the 5th ball across the boundary. Chris Lynn 22(17), Robin Uthappa 24(16)

Over 5: 44/1, In this over KKR makes 6 runs including a boundary by Lynn. Barinder Sran comes into the attack and serves a tidy over with 4 dot ball. Chris Lynn 21(16), Robin Uthappa 18(10)

Over 4: 36/1, In this over KKR makes 15 runs. Mujeeb Ur Rahman returns and Uthappa takes his case by sweeping Three consecutive boundaries. The youngster bucks under pressure and offers a wide on the next ball. Chris Lynn 15(10), Robin Uthappa 18(10)

Over 3: 21/1, In this over KKR makes 11 runs. Rajpoot returns and Uthappa welcomes him with a boundary and Chris Lynn ends the over with a six. Chris Lynn 14(9), Robin Uthappa 5(5)

Over 2: 10/1, And a wicket is lost already, KKR manages 5 runs in this over. Mujeeb Ur Rahman starts his spell by dismissing Narine, as he is Caught by Nair. Chris Lynn uplifts KKR’s spirit with a boundary. Robin Uthappa comes to the crease. Chris Lynn 8(8), Robin Uthappa 0(0)

Over 1: 5/0, KKR starts the first over with 5 runs. Chris Lynn and Narine are at the crease. Rajpoot opens the attack. Chris Lynn 3(4), Sunil Narine 1(2)

Match Preview

Chris Gayle is coming into his full form and that is a warning bell for all KXIP’s opponent. The ‘Universe Boss,’ has made it clear with a 33-ball 63 and a 63-ball 104 that he can still single-handedly take his team to a win.

Punjab’s KL Rahul’s and Karun Nair are in great form as well. Afghanistan spinner Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s has impressed one and all with his exponential growth. Barinder Sran and Andrew Tye bowled well in the previous game. Although similar cannot be said for Captain Ashwin.

KKR’s Captain Karthik, Robin Uthappa, Andre Russell, Sunil Narine, and Nitish Rana are capable of hurting any bawler so Punjab with its nth misfielding and wides needs to beware.

KKR Playing XI

Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Andre Russell, Shubman Gill, Tom Curran, Piyush Chawla, Shivam Mavi, Kuldeep Yadav

KXIP Playing XI

Ankit Rajpoot in place of Mohit Sharma.

Lokesh Rahul(w), Chris Gayle, Mayank Agarwal, Karun Nair, Aaron Finch, Yuvraj Singh, Ravichandran Ashwin(c), Andrew Tye, Barinder Sran, Ankit Rajpoot, Mujeeb Ur Rahman