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IPL 2018 CSK vs RR: Watch Chennai lock horns with Rajasthan live at Hotstar

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IPL 2018 CSK vs RR: Having lost their last game both Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were looking forward to scoring a win in the match no. 17 of Indian Premier League. CSK won the battle of best vs best by 64 runs. 

Chennai has had a shift of home ground from Chepauk to Maharashtra Cricket Association’s International Stadium, Pune. But Pune was covered in Yellow today in support of Chennai.

Match Summary

Rajasthan Royals won the toss and opted to bowl. Shane Watson’s 106 runs off 57 balls powered CSK to 204/5. Suresh Raina supported him well with 46 runs. While every other baller was getting hit by Watson, Shreyas Gopal managed to knock off three wickets that restrained the score to some extent.

Rajasthan lacked the vigor from the start that was required to chase the stiff total. Once Ajinkya Rahane and Sanju Samson were dismissed within the powerplay things went south for RR. While they were losing a wicket every other over, the last two wickets succumbed to two successive deliveries in the 19th over. And CSK won its 4th match by 64 runs. Also, CSK is the first team of this season who has taken all the wickets of their opponent.

IPL 2018 CSK vs RR Live Score Streaming

CSK wins by 64 runs

Rajasthan Royals opt to bowl

CSK: 204/5, RR: 140 -all Out

Inning 2: 

Over 19: 140- all out, CSK wins by 64 runs. In this over RR just manages to lose their remaining 2 wickets. Karn Sharma neatly dismisses both Unadkat and Ben Laughlin as they are bowled and caught (Dhoni) respectively. Shreyas Gopal 8(10)

Over 18: 136/8, In this over RR just manages 6 runs. Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. Shreyas Gopal 8(10), Jaydev Unadkat 12(8)

Over 17: 130/8, In this over RR minces 9 runs. Karn Sharma comes into the attack. Shreyas Gopal 4(6), Jaydev Unadkat 10(6)

Over 16: 121/8, This time extremely unfortunate news arrives for RR by an amazing catch by SN Thakur. In this over RR just manages 6 runs and Binny leaves the crease as he is caught and bowled by SN Thakur. Jaydev Unadkat comes to the crease and manages a boundary on the last ball. Shreyas Gopal 1(3), Jaydev Unadkat 4(3)

Over 15: 115/7, In this over RR just manages 2 runs and catastrophically another wicket. Shane Watson continues his amazing innings by dismissing Gowtham 1(2), as he is Caught by Dhoni. Shreyas Gopal comes to the crease. Stuart Binny 8(4), Shreyas Gopal 0(2)

Over 14: 113/6, In this over RR makes 10 runs and unfortunately another wicket. Imran Tahir returns for his last over and Stokes sweeps a Maximum this time. Tahir finally manages to dismiss Stokes as he is Caught by Billings. Krishnappa Gowtham comes to the crease. Stuart Binny 8(4), Krishnappa Gowtham 0(0)

Over 13: 103/5, Although 100 comes up for RR Dwayne Bravo strikes again and makes it a sad over. In this over RR makes 9 runs and Tripathi is Caught by Billings. Stuart Binny comes to the crease and manages a boundary in the last ball. Ben Stokes 35(30), Stuart Binny 5(2)

Over 12: 94/4, In this over RR makes 10 runs. Imran Tahir returns and as a ritual Stokes slip a boundary. Ben Stokes 35(30), Rahul Tripathi 5(4)

Over 11: 84/4, In this over RR makes 7 runs and losses an important wicket. Dwayne Bravo opens his attack by dismissing Buttler, as he is Caught by Tahir. Rahul Tripathi comes to the crease. Ben Stokes 27(25), Rahul Tripathi 4(3)

Over 10: 77/3, In this over RR makes 10 runs including a boundary from stokes. Imran Tahir returns with another expensive over. Ben Stokes 25(23), Jos Buttler 22(16)

Over 9: 67/3, In this over RR makes 10 runs including a boundary from stokes. Shane Watson returns to the attack. Ben Stokes 17(19), Jos Buttler 20(14)

Over 8: 57/3, In this over RR fetches 14 runs. Imran Tahir comes into the attack Buttler takes his advantage and sweeps the ball for a boundary and a huge six. Ben Stokes 10(15), Jos Buttler 18(12)

Over 7: 43/3, In this over RR makes 9 runs. Deepak Chahar returns and misses to work his magic as he serves two consecutive wides. Ben Stokes 9(14), Jos Buttler 5(7)

Over 6: 35/3, In this over RR could manage only 1 run. Shane Watson delivers an excellent over. Ben Stokes 7(11), Jos Buttler 1(4)

Over 5: 34/3, Things look dull for RR as they managed just 3 runs and lost another wicket. Deepak Chahar continues his spells as Rahane is bowled in this over. Jos Buttler comes to the crease.  Ben Stokes 6(8), Jos Buttler 1(1)

Over 4: 31/2, In this over RR makes just 6 runs. SN Thakur returns to the attack with as economical over. Ben Stokes comes to the crease. Ajinkya Rahane 16(10), Ben Stokes 4(4)

Over 3: 25/2, In this over RR makes just 5 runs. Deepak Chahar returns to the attack and redeems himself with not just a tidy over but dismisses Sampson as well. Sampson is caught by Karn Sharma on the last ball. Ajinkya Rahane 14(8)

Over 2: 20/1, In this over RR makes just 6 runs with the loss of their first wicket.  Shardul Thakur comes into the attack Klaasen welcomes him with a boundary, the former returns the favor by dismissing Klaasen(Bowled). Sanju Samson comes to the crease. Ajinkya Rahane 11(4), Sanju Sampson 0(1)

Over 1: 14/0, RR starts well with 10 runs. Rahane and Klaasen(an odd shifting) are at the crease. Deepak Chahar opens the attack and starts with two wides. Rahane sweeps two consecutive balls for a six and a 4. Ajinkya Rahane 11(4), Heinrich Klaasen 1(2)

Inning 1: 

Over 20: 204/5, RR needs 205 to win. In this over CSK garners 8 runs and loses Watson’s wicket as he is Caught by Buttler. Watson leaves at 106(56), his highest score of IPL. Ben Laughlin bowls the last over of the inning and serves two wides. Ravindra Jadeja comes to the crease  Dwayne Bravo 24(16), Ravindra Jadeja 2(1)

Over 19: 196/4, In this over CSK garners 12 runs.  Ben Stokes returns to the attack and Bravo welcomes him with a boundary and ends the over with another one. Shane Watson 105(55), Dwayne Bravo 21(13)

Over 18: 184/4, In this over CSK garners 9 runs. Watson completes his 3rd IPL Century off 51 balls. Jaydev Unadkat returns for his last over. Shane Watson 102(52), Dwayne Bravo 12(10)

Over 17: 175/4, In this over CSK garners 10 runs. Ben Laughlin gets a boundary from both Watson and Bravo. Shane Watson 99(50), Dwayne Bravo 6(6)

Over 16: 165/4, Things sow down for CSK as Shreyas Gopal returns as dismisses Billings in the first ball. In this over CSK makes just 4 runs. Dwayne Bravo comes to the crease. Shane Watson 94(48), Dwayne Bravo 1(2)

Over 15: 161/3, In this over CSK makes just 8 runs. Jaydev Unadkat is welcomed by Watson with a boundary. Shane Watson 91(45), Sam Billings 3(6)

Over 14: 153/3, In this over CSK makes just 3 runs and losses one wicket. Shreyas Gopal comes in for another successful spell as he dismisses Dhoni. Dhoni is Caught by Gowtham. Sam Billings comes to the crease. Shane Watson 85(42), Sam Billings 1(3)

Over 13: 150/2, In this over CSK makes 19 runs. Stuart Binny fails to control Watson as he sends three balls across the boundary. Dhoni follows with a boundary in the last ball. Shane Watson 83(40), MS Dhoni 5(2)

Over 12: 131/2, In this over CSK makes 9 runs with the loss of one wicket. Shreyas Gopal takes a much-needed wicket as Raina is Caught by Gowtham. MS Dhoni comes to the crease. Shane Watson 70(36), MS Dhoni 0(0)

Over 11: 122/1, In this over CSK minces 15 runs including a boundary by Raina and a maximum by Watson. Ben Laughlin returns to the attack. Shane Watson 70(35), Suresh Raina 38(24)

Over 10: 107/1, CSK crosses 100 as 10 runs come from this over. Jaydev Unadkat was controlling CSK well until Raina manages two boundaries in the last two balls. Shane Watson 62(32), Suresh Raina 32(21)

Over 9: 97/1, In this over CSK minces 19 runs as Watson milks Krishnappa Gowtham for a consecutive 6,4,6. Fifty comes up for Watson off 28 ballsShane Watson 61(31), Suresh Raina 23(16)

Over 8: 78/1, In this over CSK just makes 4 runs. Shreyas Gopal comes into attack and reins in the batsmen. Shane Watson 44(27), Suresh Raina 21(14)

Over 7: 74/1, In this over CSK just makes 5 runs. Krishnappa Gowtham returns with a tidy over. Shane Watson 42(25), Suresh Raina 19(10)

Over 6: 69/1, In this over CSK minces 16 runs. Ben Stokes delivers an expensive over as Raina gets the better of him with 4 consecutive boundaries. Shane Watson 38(21), Suresh Raina 18(18)

Over 5: 53/1, 50 comes up for CSK as they make 5 runs and lose one wicket. Ben Laughlin opens his account by dismissing Rayudu, as he is Caught by Buttler. Suresh Raina comes to the crease. Shane Watson 38(21),  Suresh Raina 2(2)

Over 4: 48/0, In this over CSK minces 11 runs. Rayudu welcomes Ben Stokes with a boundary and Watson ends the over with one. Shane Watson 36(19),  Ambati Rayudu 11(6)

Over 3: 37/0, In this over CSK makes 11 runs including two Shane-sational sixes.  Jaydev Unadkat comes into the attack.  Shane Watson 31(17),  Ambati Rayudu 5(2)

Over 2: 25/0, In this over CSK makes 11 runs. Watson continues his rhythm with a maximum.  Krishnappa Gowtham comes into the attack.  Shane Watson 19(11),  Ambati Rayudu 5(2)

Over 1: 14/0, CSK makes an aggressive start with 14 runs including two boundaries by Watson and one by Rayudu. Watson and Rayudu are at the crease. Binny opens the attack with a No ball.  Shane Watson 9(6), Ambati Rayudu 4(1)

The Match will commence at 8:00 PM IST. Star Sports Network is the official broadcast partner of the tournament will telecast the match live. You can catch the live action at Hotstar.

CSK Playing  XI

Suresh Raina returned to CSK’s XI after missing two games due to injury. Karn Sharma came in instead of Harbhajan Singh.

Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Sam Billings, MS Dhoni(w/c), Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Deepak Chahar, Karn Sharma, Shardul Thakur, Imran Tahir

RR Playing XI

Heinrich Klaasen and Stuart Binny replaced Darcy Short and Dhawal Kulkarni respectively.

Ajinkya Rahane(c), Rahul Tripathi, Sanju Samson, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Heinrich Klaasen, Stuart Binny, Krishnappa Gowtham, Shreyas Gopal, Jaydev Unadkat, Ben Laughlin

Match Preview

Neither CSK nor RR has performed to their best of capabilities. Their wins were a contribution of Individual brilliance. Dwayne Bravo and Sam Billings earned CSK its two wins. While Sanju Samson’s standout performances have mostly led RR to two wins.

The Rajasthan Royals is the only team this season that have played with the same XI. There’s a good chance they might initiate a change from today. In their line-up, D’Arcy Short, Ben Stokes, and Jos Buttler haven’t been able to destroy the ballers like they should have. Whereas Ajinkya Rahane and Sanju Samson have indeed got some runs on the board but by playing conventional strokes and using timing rather than power.

With CSK’ Captain cools great performance in the last match one could expect him to gear up this time as well. Ambati Rayudu and Shane Watson, are also expected to pull up their socks.

The Spinners of both the team shall have a huge responsibility today. Three overseas batsmen of RR have struggled against spin and CSK’sHarbhajan Singh, Ravindra Jadeja, and Imran Tahir will put them to test today. RR’s spinners K Gowtham and Shreyas Gopal are in good form, they have managed to knock down key players like Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Brendon McCullum, Chris Lynn and Robin Uthappa, between them.