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IPL 2018 CSK vs DD Live Score: The Rivalry week has veteran Dhoni pitted against young Shreyas

IPL 2018 CSK Vs DD

IPL 2018 CSK vs DD: One of the most successful captains MS.Dhoni and his team Chennai Super Kings battled with Delhi Daredevil, lead by a new Caption Shreyas Iyer. Chennai leaped back to no.1 on the points table, by winning the match by 13 runs.

Match Summary

Delhi Daredevils won the toss and chose to field.  CSK got an exhilarating start with a partnership of 100 runs between Faf du Plessis and Shane Watson. Watson continued the big hitting and was stopped on 78 by Amit Mishra. Later, Ambati Rayudu (41) and MS Dhoni (51*) gave Chennai an explosive finish to take them to 211/4.

Delhi’woes started with two wickets in the power play overs. by the end of the 10th over things got worse as Shreyas Iyer and Glenn Maxwell had to leave. Pant 79(45) was heading strong but was caught by Jadeja. Although quite a few runs were leaked in the last over, DD fell short of 13 runs in the end.

IPL 2018 CSK vs DD Live score

Chennai Super Kings won by 13 runs
Delhi Daredevils won the toss and opted to field
CSK – 211/4, DD – 198/5
Inning 2

Over 20: 198/5, CSK won by 13 Runs. 50 comes up for Shankar off 28 balls as he thumps a six. 13 runs from the over. Lungi Ngidi starts the over with a wide. Vijay Shankar 54(31), Rahul Tewatia 3(4)

Over 19: 184/5, 21 runs from the over as now Delhi Daredevils need 28 runs in 6 balls. Dwayne Bravo serves the penultimate over and lets loose three consecutive 6’s (Shankar). Vijay Shankar 44(27), Rahul Tewatia 1(2)

Over 18: 157/5, Oopsy!! DD just lost Pant 79(45), Caught by Jadeja. Lungi Ngidi finally opens his IPL account. Delhi Daredevils need 49 runs in 12 balls. Just 6 runs from the over. Rahul Tewatia comes to the crease.  Vijay Shankar 25(22), Rahul Tewatia 0(1)

Over 17: 157/4, Delhi Daredevils need 55 runs in 18 balls. 11 runs from the over including two boundaries by Pant. Dwayne Bravo returns into the attack. Rishabh Pant 75(42), Vijay Shankar 24(20)

Over 16: 146/4, Delhi Daredevils need  66 runs in 24 balls. 18 runs from the over including two boundaries and a six by Pant. KM Asif returns into the attack. Rishabh Pant 65(37), Vijay Shankar 23(19)

Over 15: 128/4, Delhi Daredevils need  84 runs in 30 balls. 11 runs from the over including a six by Shankar. Dwayne Bravo comes into the attack. Rishabh Pant 48(32), Vijay Shankar 22(18)

Over 14: 117/4, 13 runs from the over including a six by Pant and a boundary by Shankar. Harbhajan Singh returns to the attack. Rishabh Pant 45(29), Vijay Shankar 14(15)

Over 13: 104/4, Another slow over for DD as 7 runs from it. Ravindra Jadeja returns to the attack. Rishabh Pant 37(25), Vijay Shankar 9(13)

Over 12: 97/4, Harbhajan Singh serves a tidy over as just 5 runs come from it. Rishabh Pant 33(20), Vijay Shankar 6(10)

Over 11: 92/4, 14 runs from the over as Pant smacks a boundary and a six. Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. Rishabh Pant 33(20), Vijay Shankar 3(6)

Over 10: 78/4, 6 runs from the over. Harbhajan Singh comes into the attack. Rishabh Pant 21(16), Vijay Shankar 1(4)

Over 9: 74/4, Oh Noooo!! Another one bit the dust as Maxwell is bowled. Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. Vijay Shankar comes to the crease.  6 runs from the over. Rishabh Pant 19(13), Vijay Shankar 0(1)

Over 8: 68/3, Just 4 runs from the over. Glenn Maxwell comes to the crease. Harbhajan Singh comes into the attack. Rishabh Pant 18(12), Glenn Maxwell 1(1)

Over 7: 64/3, Another gone as Shreyas Iyer is run out on the last ball, just 5 runs from the over. Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. Shreyas Iyer 13(14), Rishabh Pant 15(7)

Over 6: 46/2, 13 runs from the over. Pant starts the over with a six and a boundary on the first two balls. Watson returns with another expensive over. Rishabh Pant comes to the crease. Shreyas Iyer 11(11), Rishabh Pant 12(4)

Over 5: 46/2, Munro gears up with two boundaries and a six consecutively but  Karn Sharma caught him and he had to leave. KM Asif returns to the attack. Colin Munro 26(16), Shreyas Iyer 10(9)

Over 4: 31/1Shane Watson serves an expensive over with 14 runs including a six and a boundary. Colin Munro 12(11), Shreyas Iyer 9(8)

Over 3: 17/1, 6 runs from the over as Lungi Ngidi returns to the attack. Colin Munro 1(7), Shreyas Iyer 6(6)

Over 2: 11/1, the first loss for DD arriver as Shaw is Caught by Jadeja. KM Asif comes into the attack. Shreyas Iyer comes to the crease Colin Munro 0(5), Shreyas Iyer 1(2)

Over 1: 1/0, A slow start for DD. Prithvi Shaw and Munro are at the crease. Lungi Ngidi will open the attack. Colin Munro 0(5), Prithvi Shaw 1(1)

Inning 1

Over 20: 211/4, DD needs 212 to win. 13 runs from the last over and Rayudu wicket (run out) by Trent Boult. Ravindra Jadeja comes to the crease.  MS Dhoni completes his 3rd 50 this season off 22 balls. MS Dhoni 39(18), Ravindra Jadeja 0(0)

Over 19: 198/3, 11 runs from the over including a 6 by Dhoni in Avesh Khan’s over. Ambati Rayudu 40(22), MS Dhoni 39(18)

Over 18: 187/3, Rayudu smashes two boundaries and a 6 mincing 17 runs from the Liam Plunkett over. Ambati Rayudu 38(20), MS Dhoni 31(14)

Over 17: 170/3, Dhoni is on FIRE, two 6’s and a boundary consecutively to start the Trent Boult over. Rayudu warms up with a boundary as 21 runs come from the over. Ambati Rayudu 23(16), MS Dhoni 29(12)

Over 16: 149/3, 12 runs come from the over as Dhoni thumps the ball for a six.  Amit Mishra returns to the attack.  Ambati Rayudu 19(14), MS Dhoni 12(8)

Over 15: 137/3, 6 runs come from the over  Avesh Khan comes into the attack.  Ambati Rayudu 17(12), MS Dhoni 2(4)

Over 15: 137/3, 6 runs come from the over  Avesh Khan comes into the attack.  Ambati Rayudu 17(12), MS Dhoni 2(4)

Over 14: 131/3, OMG, Main man Watson leaves, Caught by Plunkett.  Amit Sharma hit gold in the over. 8 runs come from the over. MS Dhoni comes to the crease. Ambati Rayudu 7(6), MS Dhoni 1(1)

Over 13: 123/2, Vijay Shankar returns and try to recreate his magic but ends up giving 15 runs including 2 wides and a boundary by Rayudu and 2 by Watson. Watson 77(38), Ambati Rayudu 7(6)

Over 12: 108/2, Another one has to go as Glenn Maxwell comes into the attack and Bowled Raina 1(2) on the first ball. Ambati Rayudu comes to the crease. 5 runs from the over. Watson 69(36), Ambati Rayudu 2(2)

Over 11: 103/1, 100 comes up CSK and from the Partnership as well but Vijay Shankar manages to take the first wicket of the inning – du Plessis 33(33), Caught by Boult. Suresh Raina comes to the crease. 7 runs come from the over. Watson 66(33), Suresh Raina 1(1)

Over 10: 96/0, Another tidy over by Amit Mishra as just 5 runs are added to CSK’s account.  du Plessis 30(29), Watson 64(31)

Over 9: 91/0, 50 comes up for Watson off 25 balls as he hits a six in the first ball. Unluckily for Rahul Tewatia, 15 runs come from the over as Watson minces another six on the 4th ball. du Plessis 28(26), Watson 61(28)

Over 8: 76/0, 5 runs from the over as Amit Mishra serves a tidy over.  du Plessis 28(24), Watson 47(24)

Over 7: 71/0, Another two consecutive 6’s by Watson rings in 15 runs from the over as Liam Plunkett fails to control the men at the crease.  du Plessis 25(21), Watson 45(21)

Over 6: 56/0, 11 runs from the last over of Powerplay as Watson hits a 6 and du Plessis minces a boundary. Avesh Khan returns to the attack. du Plessis 24(19), Watson 31(17)

Over 5: 45/0, Watson dons his aggressive avatar as two consecutive 6’s got the better of Liam Plunkett. du Plessis joins in with six as CSK earns 20 runs from the over.  du Plessis 20(17), Watson 24(13)

Over 4: 25/0, Rahul Tewatia comes into the attack and give 9 runs including a boundary by du Plessis. du Plessis 13(15), Watson 11(9)

Over 3: 16/0, 9 runs from the over as Watson sends two balls across the boundary. Trent Boult returns to the attack. du Plessis 6(11), Watson 9(7)

Over 2: 7/0, Just one run comes from the over as Avesh Khan comes into the attack. du Plessis 2(8), Watson, 5(4)

Over 1: 6/0, A good start for CSK as Watson swings in a boundary. Watson and du Plessis are at the crease. Boult opens the attack.  du Plessis 1(2), Watson, 5(4)

The Match will commence at 8:00 PM IST. Star Sports Network is the official broadcast partner of the tournament will telecast the match live. You can catch the live action at Hotstar.

Match Preview

After Gautam Gambhir decided to step down and Shreyas Iyer was given the commands, DD posted the highest total of the season and Shook all 10 KKR’s wickets, winning by 55 runs. The team will be keen on building the winning momentum, by beating the chart-toppers at their home.

On the other CSK, suffered a loss in their previous match due to nonperformance of the middle order, once the issue is dealt with Chennai is a force to reckon with.

CSK Playing XI

Faf, Karn, Lungi, and Asif are in as Deepak Chahar is injured and Billings is not playing as well.

Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Faf du Plessis, MS Dhoni(w/c), Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Karn Sharma, Harbhajan Singh, Lungi Ngidi, KM Asif

DD Playing XI

Prithvi Shaw, Colin Munro, Shreyas Iyer(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Glenn Maxwell, Vijay Shankar, Rahul Tewatia, Liam Plunkett, Amit Mishra, Avesh Khan, Trent Boult