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High Jack movie review: Goa to Delhi flight Hijacked, too many repeated jokes.

High Jack Movie Review
High Jack Movie Review

Akash Khuranna’s directorial film High Jack hit on the screen on May 18. Web series, Permanent Roommates star Sumit Vyas hooked up his career in bollywood. The film star cast is Sumeet Vyas, Kumud Mishra, Sarthak Kakar, Mantra Mugdh, Muzamil Qureshi, Natasha Rastogi, and Sarang Sathye  in lead role. The film took 2 stars out of 5.

High Jack story plot

A flight from Goa to Delhi is hijacked by some disappointed employees of the airline, as they to settle scores with the owner. Caught mid air in this situation are a high on drugs DJ, a crabby middle age couple and many others passengers. The DJ manages to drug the others on the flights as well and what ensues is bizarre sequence of events.

High Jack review

The film revolves around the loser the subject offer a great set-up for satire. It is unfortunately is not that film, it has all the ingredients but not impressed the audience. Sumeet Vyas, who has displayed comic chops in his earlier outings, is competent but doesn’t have enough matter to do justice to his role. Mantra is the leader of hijackers has a limited range of expressions. Kumud Mishra is mounting with an expression role.

The film remains a stringing together of good concepts that are not carried to their fruition. Such as that rap number titled Aapaatkaaleen (Emergency) playing in Rakesh’s drug-addled brain, muddling up lines from standard in-flight announcements by pilots and cabin crew:

“Iss vimaan mein chheh aapaatkaaleen dwaar hai / Do saamne / Do-do wings ke oopar / Do-do-do saamne / Do-do wings ke oopar / Do-do saamne / Do-do wings ke oopar / Do do do / Do do / Do do do / Do do.”

Director clearly set out to make a satire on politics and social issues, but his film’s narrative does not hit the bull’s eye.