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Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie getting married – Wedding invitations contained Jon Snow Stamps.


The Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are getting married and thier wedding invitation have been sent out with their unmistakable Stamp on them.

Stamp features Harington in his Game of Thrones Persona on Jon Snow.

The limited special edition stamps were released by the UK Royal Mail in the tribute to the Game of Thrones stars. The said stamps were used by the couple in their wedding invitations. 200 lucky people recieved the couples wedding invitations and were delighted that they were marked with the limited edition GoT Stamps which marked none other than Jon Snow himself – The man who knows nothing. The wedding will take place very soon in the near future. However  the guests have been instructed specially to keep the wedding details a secret so that the fans do not flock down that day.

The production of the show to stop for their wedding.

Kit Harington revealed in October 2017 that the production would shut down for his marriage. As he appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show he revealed that he called up his producer and said that he is getting married. He added that the whole cast has to be there for his wedding so obviously production needs to be shut down.

About their engagement and dating.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie announced their engagement in September 2017. However the rumours of their dating has been moving around since the met for the first time on the sets of Game Of Thrones in 2012. In the first season of Game of Thrones Leslie played as Love interest of Harington Ygritte. Harrington revealed in 2016 that he fell in love with Leslie in Iceland which is actually the location of Shooting of the show.

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