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Enrique Iglesias releases a Steamy Video of El Baño Feat. Bad Bunny

Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias just released the video for his new single El Baño. The song is in collaboration with Bad Bunny.

The video does follow Enrique’s style of sensuousness and steaminess.

The video also has a cameo by Eric Roberts. Enrique is sitting in a Bar where bartender Eric has a knowing smile.

What happens next is repetition of series of events that ends differently each time. This trick is the time reversal magic is performed by the bartender.

The Girl comes, both Enrique and she takes a drink. The girls drop hints and break the whiskey glass.

Enrique Iglesias follows the girl to her room and keeps the door in between them. With some sensual magic the singers fingers can feel through the door. This is then repeated and every time with slight more closeness between the two.

All in all it is a classic Enrique Iglesias video.

Peers Appreciation

The Singers’ peer Marty James has posted a video on his Instagram page promoting the song.

The New Father

In December Wife Anna Kournikova and Iglesias welcomed twins Nicholas and Lucy. The couple met on another Iglesias video and has been together for almost 16 years now.

Enrique will start his tours in March. Kicking the European leg from Germany.