Home Hollywood Emma Watson’s recent Makeover and Hairstyle is definitely Heart Stealing.

Emma Watson’s recent Makeover and Hairstyle is definitely Heart Stealing.


Emma Watson new Hairstyle and Makeover: Emma Watson has hit the ground running with changing her look. Bangs is always being a good idea, Emma Watson (27 years old) the beauty and the beast star posted her picture on Instagram with her perfectly cut bangs, and we are obsessed. She captioned on her picture:

“Have you had chance to pick up a copy of @oursharedself Jan/Feb book choice, Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by @renieddolodge?! #oursharedshelf,”

She is holding the Reni Eddo-Lodge book. If she was trying to draw our attention toward this important novel but we cannot take away our eyes of her pretty hair style. Yes, we are loving your new hairstyle bangs on you, Emma.

Emma’s Hair and Look’s so far

Emma is no Rookie when she changes her hairstyle. The Harry Potter actress can pull off almost any look. Emma changes her hairstyle over the years but all hairstyles are marvelous. She debuted in Hollywood in 2010 and very soon become a fashion icon. She also looks stunning in her different hair colors like Red, blonde and even brunette. Even at an early age, Emma knew how to look effortlessly pretty on the red carpet. Her wavy locks, rosy pink lipstick, and white flower hair accessory are age appropriate and super-sweet.

Another Celebrity who changed their Hairstyle

Emma is not only one celebrity who changed her hairstyles in 2018. Hailey Baldwin (21 years old) traded her blonde locks for pink ones. The beautiful model was seen on January 1 in Miami flaunting pink hair and in a pink bikini. She pulled off the look effortlessly with: high waist track pants and no makeup. What a beauty.