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Jennifer launched The Bollywood Ticket in 2009. She is a veteran journalist who has written and edited for magazines, newspapers, and Web sites. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in English from DePaul University. She is also the author of the novel, The Secret and the Flame.








The Bollywood Ticket

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Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Editor’s Note:

Jennifer Hopfinger
I watched my first Bollywood movie out of sheer boredom. Trapped in an airplane seat for 14 hours from Chicago to Delhi and unable to sleep, I reluctantly tuned in to the subtitled Hindi-language film on the monitor in front of me. The movie was called Baabul and it starred heavy-hitters Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Rani Mukerji, and John Abraham. It was everything I expected it to be—long, silly, melodramatic—everything I thought I didn’t like. Except I loved it. The way those qualities came together was perfect chemistry. I laughed, I cried, and if I hadn’t been crammed into a window seat, I would have jumped up and joined the Indian kids dancing in the aisle. That’s the essential appeal of Bollywood movies—they make you feel like nothing else. A few days into the trip—my first to India—I got to watch a film shoot at the hotel where I was staying. The movie was Dhokha, starring the sizzling Muzammil Ibrahim. After that, I was hooked, and so began my giddy obsession with Bollywood and everything Indian.

When I returned home from that vacation, I whipped through hundreds of Hindi flicks in a matter of months—but I was largely alone in my newfound appreciation. Most Americans have never seen an Indian movie (Slumdog Millionaire doesn’t count), and they have plenty of preconceived notions about Bollywood, mostly negative—I know, I used to have them, too. But, thanks in part to the aforementioned Oscar-winner, Indian movies are now catching on like crazy in the U.S. So I created this site to help the burgeoning number of new fans navigate the thrilling, thriving world of Hindi cinema, as well as dispel the inaccurate stereotypes about it. Bollywood is worthy of the same serious consideration as Hollywood. If you only open your mind, look through a different cultural lens, and give in to the magic, you’ll fall head over heels, just like I did.

—J.T. Hopfinger

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