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You’ll fall in love with these Bollywood films based on LGBT

Bollywood section 377
Bollywood welcomes SC decision on section 377

India is celebrating the SC judgment on section 377 which gives the LGBT community an equal right. However, the nation and law accepted the LGBT community a little bit late but Bollywood is always stood with the same-sex relationships. The films based on LGBT are proof:

1. Kapoor and Sons

Bollywood movies on section 377
Bollywood welcomes SC decision on section 377 (image source: Odyssey)

Starring Alia Bhatt, Fawad Khan, and Siddhartha Malhotra in the lead role, Kapoor and Sons film deeply concerned about Family, love and life. However, Fawad Khan played a Gay’s role in the film who’s also a successful writer. Fawad’s mother in the film was the first person who came to know about his Gay character.

2. Fashion

Bollywood Movie Fashion on LGBT
Bollywood Movie Fashion on LGBT (image source: Quora)

Fashion is the film which showcases the reality of Glam world. In which we have Priyanka Chopra who tends to become a successful model and in the other hand, Kangana Ranaut, who plays the role of a successful model. Amidst the film, the Rahul Aurora as a very talented designer and Rohit Khanna as a man about good character. Both of them are gay in the film

3. Margarita with a Straw

Bollywood on LGBT
Bollywood film Margarita with a straw on LGBT (image source: Budapest Pride)

Kalki Kochin in the lead role, Margarita with a Straw is a film about a girl who’s mentally challenged. Then she moves to Newyork where she falls in love with a girl. The movie is worth to watch as it has mindblowing acting of Kalki.

4. Bombay Talkies

Bollywood film on LGBT
Bollywood film Bombay Talkies on LGBT (image source: Pinkvilla)

Bombay Talkies is the most beautiful creation of Karan Johar so far. The movie has Rani Mukherji who plays the role of Randeep Hooda’s wife. Wherein Randeep Hooda is a Gay who falls in love with Saqib Salim.

5. Fire

Bollywood film LGBT
Bollywood film Fire on LGBT (Image source: YouTube)

When it comes to LGBT’s film, Fire will always be on the Top. Released in the year of 1996, Fire has faced lots of criticism due to its lesbian scenes. In the movie, Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi falls in love with each other after being dumped by their husbands.

6. Honeymoon Travels

Bollywood Film LGBT
Bollywood Film Honeymoon Travels LGBT (image source: YouTube)

A bus loaded with 6 couples who travel for honeymoon. In which the film having the NRI husband who is a homosexual and forced to marry a girl by his parents.


Bollywood film LGBT
Bollywood Film Padmaavat on LGBT (image source: theweek.in)

Falls under the category of Bollywood’s LGBT category, Ranveer Singh as an Allaudin Kkhilji is a bisexual in the film. In fact, there’s song dedicated by his lover to Allaudin Khilji has received good word of mouth.

8. Unfreedom

Bollywood film LGBT
Bollywood Film Unfreedom on LGBT (image source: youngisthan)


36-year old director Raj Amit Kumar’s debut film ‘Unfreedom’ which starts actors Adil Hussain and Victor Bannerjee in its key roles espousing has been banned in India since it espouses homosexuality – a topic that is still ‘hush-hush’ in India

9. Parched

Bollywood film LGBT
Bollywood Film Parched on LGBT (image source: post.jagran.com)

Parched, notorious for its bold content, is a particular film on the same-sex relationship. The film has gained good reviews as the scenes are not coming under nudity. Radhika Apte in the film played a Woman’s role who harassed and abused by her husband found sexual desire with her friend.

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