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Bigg Boss 12, Day 3 update: SHOCKING, first nominations bring Jodis to fight with each other!

Bigg Boss 12 day 3 update
Bigg Boss 12 day 3 update (image source: India.com)

Bigg Boss 12’s Day 3 arrived, thus, the nominations round making housemates a bit more alive. Amidst the fight of S Sreesanth and Khan sisters, day 3 begins with song and dance. Deepak and his jokes keep contestants entertained as he tries to speak in English but ended up with a joke. Bigg Boss made an announcement that the first task was canceled so they all must gear up for the nominations, nobody is safe.

Bigg Boss 12 day 3 update
Bigg Boss 12 day 3 update (image source: Bollywood Hungama)

The five contestants called by the Bigg Boss- Sreesanth, Neha, Karanvir, Srishty and Dipika. All of them asked to nominate some of the Jodis. First, they are asked to nominate between Roshmi-Kirti or Nirmal-Romil. The five quickly picked up the Roshmi and Kirti’s Jodi as they supposed to be the strongest contestant for them.

Bigg Boss 12 nominations round put Khan sister in danger zone

Next, they are asked to choose from Anup-Jasleen and Khan Sister. The five nominates Khan sisters. And the last they choose Shiv and Sourav on being asked to choose from Urvashi-Deepak and Sourav-Shivashish.

For being dominating; Dipika has to suffer nomination round

Meanwhile, the Jodis are also asked to nominate one single from among Dipika and Karanvir; they choose Dipika as they see her a dominating. Between Srishty and Neha, Srishty got nominated as they found her no involving in the house. Then Bigg Boss asked whether they want to save Sreesanth or voted him out, and Sreesanth went on to the safe zone.

After being nominated for eviction, Roshmi breaks down as she says that they are commoners and will not get enough votes for them to survive in the house.

Nominations bring the Jodis against each other as Sourav and Shivashish fought over the refusal to do any household work. Kirti blames Urvashi over the washroom smelling bad. While Deepak explains that they come from a different milieu as they got compared with others.

The storm is still to come as the Salman Khan’s weekend Ka Vaar is yet to befall during which he will grill the contestants and entertain the audience. Till then, keep watching Bigg Boss and check out this space for more gossip afterward!

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