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Bigg Boss 12 Day 2 Updates: Asking to open-up the gates, will S Sreesanth quit the show?


Hullabaloo began as the Indian Television’s most controversial show hits the small screens. The two days old show Bigg Boss 12 is making headlines for the mess just happened in the show. The beginning of Salman Khan’s show is quite good as people are getting masala and entertainment. The first contestant who popped into the news is S Sreesanth taking off his mic and asks Bigg Boss to open up the gate.

Bigg Boss 12 day 2 update
Bigg Boss 12 day 2 update S Sreesanth took off mic (image source: Times of India)

Well, it is just beginning and S Sreesanth cannot take the hodgepodge all around him. In a video shared on VOOT app shows that Sreesanth indulged in an argumentย with the Khan sisters from Jaipur.

S Sreesanth leaving the show?

Bigg Boss 12 has come up with the contestant like Sreesanth who just want to leave the show as he is not interested in making the noise inside the house. In a video, Sreesanth gets into an argument with the Khan sisters from Jaipur. The arguments became so intense that they start questioning each other’s upbringing. This makes Sreesanth anger!

Bigg Boss day 2 update
Bigg Boss day 2 update Sreesanth took off mic (image source: India.com)

Irritated Sreesanth way out of the room and took off his microphone. On the other hand, One of the Khan sisters broke down into the tears. The fight started when Sreesanth refused to do the first task of Bigg Boss 12 “BB Press Conference” saying he doesn’t know much about his opponent Jodi Shivanshi Mishra and Sourabh Patel. On this act of Sreesanth, Bigg Boss cancel out the task which makes inmates against him.

Don’t forget to watch the clip here!

The caption of this video reads “Bigg Boss Darwaza Khol Do Na Please”

In the same task, Housemates ganged up against the Anup Jalota and his girlfriend Jasleen Matharu questioning on their relationship. However, Jasleen clarifies that this is their personal matter and mutual understanding and the show is not about the Dating. Well, on the Jasleen’s remark ‘this is their personal matter’, Bigg Boss Highlights the personal stuff. Am I right?

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