Home Celebs Bigg Boss 11: Episode 57th Summary 27/11/2017

Bigg Boss 11: Episode 57th Summary 27/11/2017


Bigg Boss 11: Episode 57th Summary 27/11/2017

Did you really think Akash forgave Puneesh for the sake of their friendship?
No, Akash did not.

In return, Akash got a return gift from Puneesh, his flip-flops. Puneesh gets mad at Akash for not forgiving him and throws Akash’s food.
On the other side of this episode, we saw, Vikas Gupta getting accused of stealing Hina Khan and group’s coffee and food.
Because of which Priyank and Luv engaged in a fight with Vikas for doing so.

Bigg Boss 11: Episode 57th Summary 27/11/2017

At around 11:25 pm, Arshi claims not to support Puneesh and Bandagi anymore. Shilpa was found a bit upset, to which Arshi asked her if she is mad at her and why. Arshi then told Shilpa that she has never bitched about her to anybody.

Hiten snaps in front of Luv and Hina as he loses control over his calm saying that he is listened by none in the house which hurts him a lot. Arshi, then adds that her friend Shilpa and her relationships with people changes every situation in the Bigg Boss house.

Arshi and Akash were asked about why are they not going to support Puneesh and Bandagi in the game anymore by Hiten. Hiten adds to his question and says that the duo Puneesh and Bandagi, do a lot of unnecessary gossip in the house. Shilpa was seen getting mad at Puneesh and Bandagi later.

Akash dances with Priyank and Luv (we do not know why). Shilpa starts a fight with Hina and told Arshi not to call Shilpa her mother. Arshi teases and mocks Shilpa in return.

After the Nomination process started we got surprises.
Puneesh and Bandagi were nominated by Hina. Akash also nominates the couple. Priyank goes in next and nominates Bandagi. Bandagi nominates Luv and Akash. Shilpa nominates Luv and Priyank. Puneesh also nominates Luv and Akash. Arshi again nominates Bandagi and Puneesh. Vikas nominates Luv and Hina.
Priyank is again nominated this week along with Luv, Puneesh, and Bandagi.

Hina says that Puneesh is doing his worst every day. He is wasting food, abusing his own friend Akash. He wants himself to be thrown out of the house.

The other day, contestants woke up to the song Kahan Teri Yeh Nazar Hai. Hina and Shilpa fight over Parathas (why so jobless ladies?).

In the very end of the Bigg Boss 11: Episode 57th , we see Priyank and Luv writing sorry with cream on the lawn chairs for apologizing all the women in the house.