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Bella Throne revealed that Mod Sun uses dating apps.


If you are dating someone and serious for your relationship, then please delete all the dating apps from your mobile immediately.  So your condition wouldn’t be like Bella Trone BF Mod Sun (30 years old). Bella Throne revealed that Mod Sun uses dating apps. He wants to keep his option open as a 20 years old GF. She shared a screenshot of his Snapchat with her fans, with 3 notifications on the app and the caption is:

“When your boyfriend still has a dating app on his phone.”

The notifications come in 11 minutes its mean his account is active.

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The site advertise that people can “flirt, date, and chat with over million people”. So this is not a big issue that Bella is just angry with him because he is still an active member of Baddo. How crazy is it that he was ever part of the service to begin with as even semi-famous rappers are using their smart phones to find love or a little something. This is good for him, at least she has not discovered any active Tinder accounts.

Both were in Utah

The couple had seen in Park City, Utah where she was promoting her new movie Assassination Nation at the Sundance Film Festival. Now it looks like she’s on the road with her guy as he’s hitting up tour stops in Chicago on Jan. 24 and then moving on to St. Louis the following night.

May be this is the reason that she did not attended the opening night of Mod Sun’s tour in Santa Barbara. CA which was a cut off from LA by deadly mudslides that killed over 20 people in the Montecito area.After she complaint about the trouble on Twitter, town resident Rob Lowe publicly shamed her on Instagam for being so heartless. After that she claimed that she didn’t know about the tragedy.