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Bella Hadid is Not Inviting Weeknd over for the Christmas Weekend

Bella Hadid and Weeknd
Bella Hadid and Weeknd

Bella Hadid apparently has to chose between her Family or her relation with the Weeknd

Every year we see a lot of celebrity Break ups, but 2017 has been the year of ditching the current and getting back with your Ex.

The Game of Getting Back the ex.

Bella Hadid and Weeknd have reportedly started dating again. Weeknd was with Selena Gomez before this. Coincidentally, Selena reconciled with her Ex Justin Beiber, while Weeknd came back to his Ex Bella Hadid.

Back Home?

Family’s  Objection 

Incidentally we had also reported Selena’s Mother having a problem with Jelena’s rekindled relationship. Read more about it  here:


A Similar train of thought is running in Bella Hadid’s family as well. They do not trust Abel Tesfaye also known as the Weeknd. The heart break that Bella suffered from the hand of Weeknd did a number on her and her family. Although Bella seems to be happy giving their relationship a chance, the family is in no mood to support.


As we mentioned in our post earlier Selena choose Justin over her mother (Why do we keep on comparing this case with that.. well don’t you feel the coincidence and timeline is just so relatable.)

But Bella choose the other way around, she has decided to hang on to her family and them slowly warm up to Weeknd again.

No Christmas Together

With Bella Hadid family on one end and Weeknd at one end. She has chosen to skip over Weeknd’s invitation and spend the holidays with her family.

We hope Weeknd has something good planned for his Christmas. Meanwhile Bella and her family will take this time to convince each other.

Well All We Want This Christmas is Everybody to be Happy. Hope things work out in the right direction for both Bella and Weeknd.