Home Celebs Anushka Sharma, The risk taking actress of Bollywood turns 30 today.

Anushka Sharma, The risk taking actress of Bollywood turns 30 today.

Anushka Sharma’s 30th Birthday
Anushka Sharma’s 30th Birthday

We all know her as the bubbly actress of Bollywood. But very few of us know that she is THE risk taking actress of Bollywood. Read here to know more about the commercially most successful female actress of Bollywood as she turns 30 today.

Anushka Sharma, The most successful actress of Bollywood today.

Anushka Sharma is a brilliant actress and most successful too. Infact she is the only actress who has two 300 crore club films – Sultan and PK. But what is more interesting to know is apart from doing films that are commercial potboilers she has also done films with unusual concepts.

Anushka Sharma also a risk taker.

Anushka Sharma has done some of the films which other actresses would have not dared to. Inspite of knowing the niche appeal of the film and risks included she accepted the offers which in itself is commendable. Check out her ventures here that will prove that she is a true Risk – Taker.


In her latest venture, Anushka Sharma featured herself as a Witch. Now a days you will not find a single A list actress who is featured as a Witch. So Anushka’s guts to accept the role itself is commendable. On commercial terms also as the movie was made on a very reasonable budget and so it proved to be a profitable venture for the makers of the film.


The Dark thriller film produced by Anushka Sharma herself featured her in the lead role  in the film. She carried the whole film having a limited appeal on her shoulders. The film recieved exceptional reviews from the critics and proved to be the most profitable film of that year.

 Matrix Ki Bijli Ka Mandola

Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola featured some of the stalwart actors such as Pankaj Kapur, Imran Khan and Shabana Ajmi. Despite its brilliant starcast and Anushka being new in the Industry, she made her presence felt in the dark comedy and was one of the highlights of the film.

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